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Reflections on Compliance Week and Policy Management

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Compliance Week 2018 in Washington, DC. Each year, the U.S. conference is held at the historic Mayflower Hotel where somewhere between four and five hundred attendees gather at this peer-to-peer event to gain new insights and education from industry leaders in governance, risk, and compliance. As an exhibitor, […]

Interacting with Outside Counsel

Interacting With Outside Counsel: It’s Not just Lawyer-Lawyer Anymore

Legal departments and law firms are not monolithic entities; they are collections of people. In past years, those people were predominantly lawyers. Headed by the general counsel, legal departments were filled with former law firm attorneys who worked directly with current law firm attorneys. The lawyer-lawyer relationship was symbiotic. Legal departments fed a steady stream […]

See how Business Intelligence enables data driven decision making

Business Intelligence: Insights at the Point of Action

“Data-driven decision making” is easier said than done. It takes a combination of strategic planning and robust technology to transform the vast amounts of raw data at our disposal into information, and transform that information into actionable insights. What Prevents Effective Data-Driven Decision Making in Legal Departments? In the tradition-bound, relationship-based legal profession, metrics typically […]

What's Value Mean When Dealing with Outside Counsel?

What’s Value Mean When Dealing With Outside Counsel?

In past years, legal departments were viewed as a cost center — the cost of doing business. In turn, legal departments had large budgets to spend on outside counsel, who were tasked with protecting the company. In that way, expectations were results oriented. Today, however, legal departments serve an increasingly important purpose of managing risk […]

The Next Frontier of Legal Operations

Webinar: The Next Frontier of Legal Operations – Planning and Building Your Ecosystem

View our first installment in a series of webinars examining the “next frontier” of Legal Operations. Discover how new technologies are opening up new opportunities and efficiencies for legal departments and the companies they serve, and how you can benefit. Brian McGovern, Mitratech Executive Director and former Legal Chief Data Officer at AIG, and Kevin Clem, […]

trying to get stuff done without legal workflow automation

Using Workflow Automation for Onboarding Outside Counsel

For legal operations departments, GCs and CLOs alike, there are a few baseline truths with regard to retaining outside counsel: You need them. Sometimes, you need a lot of them. It’s your job to onboard and manage them. A+B can get big, complicated and expensive in a hurry. Mid-sized enterprises may have multiple outside law […]