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Sexual Harassment Range

Calling All Companies: It’s Time to Get Real About Sexual Harassment

Let’s talk about sex(-ual harassment)! It’s not a joke. It’s really not. In fact, 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime, according to a survey conducted by nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment. The survey spanned across industries and the “continuum of unwanted experiences,” […]

Five Building Blocks of Effective Policy Management

We wrote the guide on effective policy management. Now get it for free! Our experts put together a complete, informative guide for building an effective policy management program. Download this free guide to explore how you can improve your policy management program. In it, you’ll uncover valuable insights about: A current (ineffective) approach to policy […]

Clean Up Legal Operations With the Data Management Lifecycle

We’ve written the book on enterprise data management. Now get it for free! The former mastermind behind AIG’s global enterprise legal management software implementation, Brian McGovern knows a thing or two about managing data on a huge scale. In this free guide, we lay out his best practices, based on decades of experience, for data […]

what is matter management?

What is Matter Management? And Why it Matters to Legal Ops

What made matter management so important, so broadly, so quickly? Faced with the challenge of managing thousands of new legal matters every year, from both internal and external sources, corporate legal teams recognized that managing this process manually isn’t an option anymore. Not only do they need automation and control throughout a matter’s lifecycle, legal […]

GRC vs. Gartner IRM

GRC vs. IRM – Is there a Difference?

Those of you who follow GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen may have seen his recent post on the “IRM Emperor (Gartner) Has No Clothes.” In it, Rasmussen lays out his issues with the latest Gartner Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Magic Quadrant release and encourages organizations to be cautious and skeptical of Gartner’s results. His issues with […]

enforce tone from the top compliance

2 Practical Ways to Enforce “Tone from the Top” Compliance  

In the 1949 movie Twelve O’Clock High, Gregory Peck, who plays a military officer, drives straight onto a secure military base without being stopped. The sentry never checks his ID, and as a result, blatantly violates security protocol. Rather than letting this mishap slide, Peck stops the car and chews the young soldier out for […]

latest trends in data privacy

Data Privacy – This Year’s Hottest Topic

At Mitratech, I work in the division of the company that develops solutions in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). At first blush to an outsider, this may not sound very exciting and might even sound somewhat boring, but actually it’s quite the opposite. The reason why it’s exciting is because in GRC we […]