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The Mitratech Resource Hub is real-world education for companies who want to break down the barriers between legal, compliance, and operational risk. Looking for expert insight into managing risk and its associated costs? Check out our library of whitepapers, blog posts, webinars, and other useful resources.

10 Things You Need to Know about GDPR

Next year the European Union’s GDPR will become enforceable, and with the threat of staggeringly high fines for those organisations that ignore GDPR rules, large global enterprises are likely to sit up and listen. All organisations conducting business in the EU must demonstrate that adequate measures have been put in place to comply with GDPR […]

GDPR: The Countdown Has Begun

While the internet has made it possible to send data to the four corners of the planet, it has also left us all vulnerable to security breaches. With that in mind, there is less than a year left  to prepare for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For a list of the top […]

Impressions from ACC Legal Ops

Having just returned from the 3rd annual ACC Legal Ops meeting in Chicago, I was struck not only by how this event continues to grow and evolve, but the focus of the event on how legal operational professionals can leverage their roles to align strategy and planning to both the evolving role of the General […]

The Importance of Creating a Positive Safety Culture

Statistics show that a significant number of incidents are caused by poor behaviors, which, if eliminated, would significantly improve the safety of the workplace. This is why having a positive safety culture plays such a key role to the success of your business. When implementing a change in culture, it needs to be proactively driven […]