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Why Choose Mitratech?

Mitratech gives you the proven tools you need to grow and protect your organization

By consolidating your critical legal functions, Mitratech’s solutions increase productivity, improve collaboration, drive visibility, and help you make better decisions. Find out why almost 40% of the Fortune 500 and over 750 organizations globally have chosen Mitratech.

Whether your legal department is domestically based or spread out internationally, Mitratech is 100% focused on creating software specifically for corporate legal departments. We understand your unique needs and deliver precise solutions to your matter management, e-Billing, contracts management, entity management, governance, and compliance problems.

Why Mitratech

Our clients faced the same challenges

Mitratech has almost 30 years of concentrated experience solving the legal management problems for over 750 global legal departments of all sizes, representing 6 of the Fortune 10, almost 40% percent of the Fortune 500, and over 100,000 users in over 150 countries. As their needs have evolved, so have our solutions. Through collaborative partnerships with these outstanding professionals, we have developed a valuable and well-defined set of best practices to help corporate legal teams become better business partners and change agents within their organizations. This in-the-trenches expertise is something no other company can bring to the table the way we do.

We are 100% focused on enabling the legal department to be the best-run function in the organization

Simply put, we have the best products in the industry, combined with deep expertise and experience. We are 100% focused on legal technology and software, so our success hinges on the success of our clients. Whether you are a team of three or three hundred, we can help you organize information, automate tasks, and manage follow-through. Backed by our 30 years of focused experience helping corporate legal departments optimize performance and outcomes, Mitratech’s solutions deliver a rapid and demonstrable return on investment.

Our products are best in class

Industry expects and leaders also believe in our mission to make the legal department the best-run function in the organization. Mitratech earned the highest designation in enterprise legal management from Hyperion Research in its MarketView report, Enterprise Legal Management: E-Billing and Matter Management for Corporations. Mitratech is also the only enterprise legal management system to be a member of the Association of Corporate Counsel’s ACC Alliance Program. Finally, our TeamConnect 4.0 product won at this year’s LegalTech News Innovation Awards in the Best Case/Matter Management System category. We are proud of what we do and what we help our clients accomplish, and this has not gone unnoticed in the market.

We have been in your shoes



Josh Underwood
Dir. of Professional Services
13+ Years of Legal Experience as a Paralegal

Tomas Medina Headshot

Tomas Medina, J.D.
Business Analyst
7+ Years of Legal Experience as an Attorney

Jarrett Dzuik Headshot

Jarrett Dzuik
Corporate Counsel
3+ years of Legal Experience as a Corporate Counsel


Ana Boza Headshot

Ana Boza
Product Operations Manager
Previous experience as a Contract Attorney and Corporate Counsel