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Information Governance

All corporations face rapidly growing challenges around the management of electronic records. The sheer number of systems holding documents, e-mails, and customer communications has only proliferated, and can become multiplicative during acquisitions, divestitures, or expansions into new geographies. Corporations will always face litigation risk over mishandling of records, however the increase in regulations and laws around privacy and security mean that creating the right information governance policy across the organization is more critical now to reducing legal and compliance costs than ever before. A solid information governance policy not only allows corporations to meet regulatory requirements, but also considers internal needs and risk assessments to create business value, and organizations can leverage the power of their own data to create new insights that feed into strategic decisions.

Information Governance

How our information governance solution solved similar challenges for our clients

Having critical business information available to access at a keystroke, or via a self-service web-portal, means inquiries from customers, suppliers, employees, or auditors for disclosure can be answered immediately – thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Our clients have also used Information Management as a fundamental component of a Compliance program. Key factors include:

  • Robust reporting to detail who accessed what, when, where, and how
  • Retention scheduling to ensure that information is only retained for as long as is required or necessary, thereby complying with data protection requirements
  • Account Opening/Client On-boarding that can be automated to ensure all steps are completed, thereby reducing the risk of human error

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With the advent of stringent regulatory requirements such as ‘Know Your Customer’ and in the interest of being able to provide a prompt and efficient service to clients, along with increased paper handling and storage demands, we identified our need for a more inclusive solution.