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Industry Solutions

While every industry is susceptible to increasingly demanding legal requirements, rapidly changing regulatory obligations, and complex operational issues, the mix and impact vary widely between industries. At Mitratech, we understand the complexity of operating in this challenging business environment and have experience working with companies across a variety of industries to reduce risk and unlock opportunity.

Industry Solutions

Here are a few of the industries we serve.

Law Firms

Your firm is faced with corporate clients who are demanding ever-greater transparency and value. Adapting to this change means that your firm must continually evaluate your use of technology solutions to stay ahead of your competitors, win more business, and secure ongoing profitability.


Mitratech’s solutions enable insurers to meet challenges and scale by creating the consistent process, comprehensive record keeping, and secure integrations needed to protect the organization from risk.

Financial Services

Legal and compliance professionals within financial services may be assigned to trading desks, managing claims, negotiations, or overseeing compliance with regulations such as FINRA, Dodd-Frank or FCA rules of conduct. Mitratech provides the technology needed to service groups across the organization within centrally managed solutions to ensure that operational efficiency and compliance is maximized while risk is reduced.

Heavy Manufacturing

By embracing technology to aid in transformation, manufacturers can improve productivity in their own plants, increase their differentiators to heighten competitive advantage, and maintain an edge with customers who are also looking for innovation. Mitratech’s solutions allow manufacturers to manage legal, compliance and operational risk, keeping employees and factories safe, while staying ahead of the curve.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

In the highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, compliance risks complicate the entirety of the product lifecycle. Many of our healthcare and pharma clients use Mitratech to validate and defend claims of efficacy, to defend against counterfeiting, as well as manage the constantly evolving regulatory and business environment.


The technology sector is synonymous with rapid growth and change – which brings associated legal challenges and regulatory and compliance risks. Mitratech provides solutions to many of the world’s largest information technology companies, and we understand the needs for proactive solutions to manage legal and regulatory risks.

Energy & Utilities

Mitratech’s products allow energy and utility companies to manage legal, compliance and operational risk, keeping employees and assets safe while aligning process to strategic goals.