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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Your organization faces increasingly complex governance, regulatory, and compliance (GRC) challenges—multiplying at a rapid pace. Mitratech provides compliance and entity management solutions to enhance corporate governance, reduce risk, track investigations, and manage projects while saving the staff time and reducing organizational risk.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

How our governance, risk & compliance solutions solved similar challenges for our clients

Your legal and compliance teams maintain many of your organization’s most important records, which chronicle the legal life of the company. Because they are responsible for handling a high volume of GRC or entity-management-related inquiries and complying with rigorous reporting requirements, they must have a single source of truth regarding the structure, officers, and hierarchy of the entire organization.

Managing the regulatory reporting needs of other departments, as well as the projects created to ensure compliance to changing laws, requires a system flexible enough to accommodate new challenges while enabling secure collaboration. Our recent white paper, “At the Intersection of Legal and Compliance,” analyzes how the role of the legal department is constantly evolving in an increasingly complex environment, and what it means for the industry at large.

Aggregating the information necessary to maintain compliance and minimize across all parts of your business – and in different jurisdictions and repositories – can be overwhelming. While spreadsheets have been the main tool for tracking  data, duplication of effort and errors are common when entered via different sources and different formats. You need the capability to efficiently manage all of your GRC requirements to minimize risk across the enterprise.

How we help your department be the best-run function in your organization

GRC Management
GRC management provides a single source truth for policies and resultant control requirement—helping legal departments track, investigate, manage, and remediate investigations and obligations. With a GRC solution, your legal department can oversee governance through reporting, track regulations and policies, and identify organizational risk.

Entity Management
By utilizing an entity management solution, your corporate secretary can simplify the management of the corporate legal structure and lifecycle of corporate entities, and easily identify and the scope of affected organizational entities. With all this information tracked and in one place your corporate secretary can ultimately become a  profitable unit of the organization.

Mitatech's Governance, Risk, and Complaince (GRC) Overview

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

We can help you fulfill the GRC demands of your legal department with a powerful, yet easy-to-implement-and-adopt, solution by:

  • Creating an auditable and defensible trail, eliminating ambiguity of fact with an obligations library
  • Using wizards for repetitive tasks, generating reports and documents, and updating key information
  • Assembling documents by merging fields, text, and graphics into ready-to-print papers for signatures and storing the templates for easy access and reuse
  • Managing record types for policies and procedures, export controls, and internal investigations
  • Creating a holistic view of expectations to easily identify trends
  • Routing compliance information to internal and external stakeholders and alerting associated parties and groups to changes with notifications and reminders
  • Creating and exporting reports for auditors or regulatory groups

We can help you corporate secretary increase the efficiency of your corporate governance compliance tasks by:

  • Managing all corporate minute book information for every corporate entity type
  • Accessing historical information about an entity throughout the life of the entity
  • Creating an editable library of standard resolutions and entity subsidiary hierarchy charts