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Our Focus: The Legal Department’s Success

Almost 30 years later, and our mission has not changed

Since building and launching the legal industry’s first web-based application for case management in the 1980s, Mitratech has remained true to a single, clearly defined mission: make the legal department the best-run function in the organization.

Mitratech is differentiated by a complete focus on the corporate legal department, accountability for driving your success, and continuous collaboration with our network of clients and partners. Discover our story.

About Us

For nearly 30 years, Mitratech has been focused on a singular mission: to make the legal department the best-run function in the corporation. Best-run legal departments are focused on generating tangible business value through effective collaboration with internal and external partners, operational excellence that ensures predictable and repeatable processes, and strategic decision-making based on clear visibility into both past, present, and future performance indicators. Mitratech as a company is also focused on operating as a best-run organization, and we know that in order to deliver on this mission to our clients and the market at large, we must hold ourselves to those same high standards. The end result? Over 750 highly-satisfied, world-class legal department clients, highly engaged and passionate team members, and deep financial stability that allows us to invest, innovate, and deliver the best corporate legal software products in the industry.


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