Process Automation Use Cases

Explore how automating a Legal Services Requests Portal with TAP Workflow Automation can generate savings and improved responsiveness.

New User Onboarding


Develop a workflow to streamline the setup of a new employee (or other user) for enterprise IT services.


  • Online self-service forms are customizable in TAP to capture all pertinent information.
  • The user (typically someone in HR) completes and submits forms to initiate the workflow.
  • The request is routed to the proper managers or other specified personnel for review, in designated sequence.
  • If the request is approved, an email is automatically sent to the IT helpdesk, and can be used to trigger a new ticket containing all information provided by HR and others.
  • IT technicians can be automatically assigned and notified of the new task.
  • Onboarding forms allow IT to record what devices/software/access the new user has been provided, plus passwords and other salient info.
  • Completion notices are automatically sent to designated personnel.
  • Automated reminders ensure prompt action by all participants.
  • Status updates can be sent to requesters at various steps in the process.
  • Mobile access lets workflow participants access and act remotely.
  • Centralized dashboard provides visibility into all IT onboardings within the organization.
  • All workflow records, assets and documentation are centrally stored in a secure repository for audit and analysis.


  • New users can be onboarded in minutes or hours, versus days, for immediate productivity.
  • Obtaining accurate requirements via automated forms eliminates errors and back-and-forth communication.
  • Form and workflow automation within a single system equals consistency of processes, saving time and costs.
  • Expedited responsiveness promotes improved employee morale.
  • Customizability means all forms and workflows are adapted to enterprise need.
  • Any changes to enterprise processes or protocols can be reflected in revised workflows almost immediately.