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Process Automation Use Cases

Explore how automating the NDA process with TAP Workflow Automation can generate enterprise-wide consistency and extraordinary savings.

Gifts & Entertainment Reimbursement


Workflow for processing requests for gifts and entertainment reimbursements for expenses incurred (e.g. taking a client out to dinner).


  • Using TAP, reimbursement request forms can be designed to meet any enterprise requirements, and made available online for user access.
  • Forms prompt users for complete expense information, and can accommodate attachment/upload of receipts, etc.
  • Upon form submission, the workflow can be designed to route requests to the proper gatekeepers, such as a requester’s supervisors and finance department.
  • Automated notifications and reminders move the process forward by prompting timely action from all participants.
  • Employees can be sent automated notifications when their request has been approved or, heaven forbid, held up or denied.
  • Centralized dashboard permits oversight of all reimbursement workflows.


  • Automating a mundane process removes drudgery while accelerating the process.
  • Costs are reduced due to automated efficiencies and removal of paperwork routing from the process.
  • Errors are eliminated via workflow and survey form standardization.
  • Employee morale is improved thanks to expedited, headache-free processes.
  • Generates secure workflow audit records for transparency, governance and compliance purposes.
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