Conflict of Interest Waivers

Conflict of Interest Waivers2018-12-06T02:39:33+00:00


To securely and efficiently deliver and manually follow-up on conflict of interest waivers to the appropriate attorneys to mitigate the company’s risk and ensure compliance


  • Works with mobile/remote devices, allowing remote/on-the-go signatures for conflict of interest waivers
  • Centralized control and auditing via TAP and automatic notifications allow managers/stakeholders to track and report conflict of interests
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure timely participation from all concerned


  • Centralized dashboard allows monitoring and management of conflicts of interests at every stage of a workflow, including auditing and reporting.
  • An automated process accelerates engagement and participation, while standardization reduces errors and saves valuable attorney time.
  • Delivers significant time and cost savings and ROI
  • Easily and efficiently manage and mitigate the risks surrounding conflicts of interest via a single, centralized source.

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