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Workflow Automation

Legal workflow automation should be a cornerstone of your legal department, thanks to the powerful (and rapid) benefits and savings you’ll see.

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Acceleration, accuracy, and ROI

Automating your legal workflows empowers everyone to work more efficiently and collaboratively, while slashing costs and improving compliance.

Automatic compliance

Standardized forms, workflows, and centralized oversight ensure best practices are embedded in every process.

Accelerated agility

Processes get launched and completed in a fraction of the time as before, making Legal more responsive and proactive.

Nearly immediate ROI

Cutting the time and costs involved in processes, while eliminating errors, means your automation ROI is apparent early.

Easy implementation, amazing results

Simple and easy implementation of workflow applications means you’ll be publishing more efficient workflows in a snap.


We huddle with you to understand your processes, and demonstrate how workflow automation can solve your challenges.


We walk you through how to design forms using simple drag-and-drop tools, or even import and convert your own forms.


We show you how to build workflows with ease using our intuitive interface, with nary a call to IT because there’s no programming necessary.


Voila! You publish your efficient new automated workflows in hours or days, not months or quarters, so you’re seeing immediate ROI.


Sit back and profit from centralized, transparent workflow management, accelerated efficiency, reduced costs, audit trails and analytics, and more!

How will you benefit?

Simple and easy implementation of workflow applications means you’ll be executing more efficient processes in a snap.


Legal workflow automation is “transformational,” as one user puts it, saving “thousands of hours” of staff time while reducing errors, delays and costs.


Real-time collaboration improves teamwork as legal teams can simultaneously contribute to projects, edit documents and more, improving outcomes.


Workflows, forms, assets, audit trails and more are trackable and accessible from 
a single secure source, even from mobile.

ROI that’s ASAP

See for yourself how workflow automation can add up to powerful savings for your legal department (assuming a $47/hour rate).


Hours saved:


Money saved:


Extend ELM across your enterprise

TeamConnect embeds best practices and efficiency within your legal department. With TAP, you can extend those across the rest of your organization.

In your legal department

Enhance workflow automation performance and ROI thanks to TAP’s best-in-class features.

Throughout the organization

Extend TeamConnect’s ELM benefits, as other departments use TAP to create their own compliant processes, mitigating risk everywhere.

With outside counsel

By integrating outside counsel processes into TAP, you’ll increase transparency, governance, and accountability, optimizing their performance – and your legal spend.

TAP + TC Workflow Automation
“The more we roll out workflows, the more I realize the options are endless. There's a number of things we could do to bring more automation to processes.”
Eleanor Alderette - Senior Contracts and Project Manager
“TAP empowers us to quickly streamline and automate business processes that are complex, repetitive, or time-consuming. Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services reduces the time it takes to get a document signed. Together, the possibilities are endless.”
Yuka Tzavaras - Senior Manager, Legal Operations
“It’s great to have a technology platform that helps drive efficiency while providing great solutions to various functions. It’s even better to have a technology provider that works hand-in-hand with us to evolve the tool with critical features and functionality, as well as bug fixes, on an ongoing basis.”
Jeff Franke - Former Senior Director of Global Legal Operations

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