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Viewabill for Corporate Counsel

Viewabill promotes collaboration between corporate legal departments and their outside counsel by providing the ability to see matter time entries in near real time. This allows the legal department to track, understand, and communicate with outside counsel before an invoice is ever submitted. The organic improvement in billing practices results in 5-10% legal spend savings and reduces disputes on matters shared through Viewabill. This coordination and visibility makes it easier for everyone to stay informed during the billing cycle, increases the accuracy and predictability of budgets and legal spend forecasts, and provides more comprehensive legal spend management.

Viewabill for Corporate Counsel

Corporate legal departments that use Viewabill include departments looking to:

  • Improve the speed of time entries from outside counsel to drive legal spend savings
  • Increase budget accuracy and the reliability of legal spend forecast
  • Reduce disputes with outside counsel to enhance relationships

How Viewabill solved similar challenges for our clients

Your legal department is facing increased budget scrutiny and there are expanded expectations about the accuracy of outside counsel management.

In order to deliver a forecast with certainty, your team needs to receive updates and accruals from outside counsel. Without real-time visibility or collaboration on billable time, you are left in the dark wondering if a matter will come in over budget, over time, or over scope. The updates sent by outside counsel feel like estimates at best, and are prepared by members of the firm not actually working on your matters. When the invoice is received, it is often long after the work is performed, further hindering the review of the invoice and leading to disputes.

By leveraging the same data sources as your outside counsel, you and your law firms are able to access the same analyses for real-time insight to proactively monitor and negotiate the remainder of the budget.

How we help you be the best-run function in your organization

Many law firms are already using Viewabill to collaborate both internally and with their corporate clients. Through seamless integration with all leading time and billing systems, Viewabill introduces a secure way to share time entry information without exposing legal details within the matter. With Viewabill, the tension in attorney-client relationships is solved with simple, real-time transparency to help everyone stay informed during the billing cycle.

When your legal department uses Viewabill, value is created by:

  • Saving up to 5-10% of legal spend on matters shared through Viewabill providing better invoice hygiene
  • Reducing time entry delay from an average of 27-30 days to an average of 5-7 days, thus improving the accuracy of the invoice
  • Receiving invoices approximately 20 days sooner by lessening the amount of unbilled inventory
  • Enhancing the accuracy of accruals and forecasting, while reducing the staff time updating related budgets by 80%
  • Entering of time is done nearly contemporaneously as the work completed by outside counsel

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Viewabill has proven to be the leading pre-bill visibility solution on the market by:

  • Providing real-time, web-based visibility into all billable activity
  • Streamlining processes with a simple user interface
  • Delivering customizable and exportable data and reports
  • Automating configurable alerts and notifications when entries do not meet specifications
  • Ensuring optimal team visibility through permissions security