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Mitratech’s TeamConnect enterprise legal management solution consistently meets the complex operational needs of large, global legal departments. Whether your staff is managing litigation, contracts, intellectual property, product claims, compliance matters or legal team projects, TeamConnect offers a market-proven, unified approach to managing all legal operations.


In 2015 TeamConnect was recognized by ALM as the Best Matter Management system on the market and by Hyperion Global Partners as the highest ranking enterprise legal management platform in the world.

Organizations that select TeamConnect as their legal management solution typically:

  • Have large legal teams of more than 80 users
  • Need to integrate to multiple internal systems across the enterprise
  • Are evaluating either an on-premise or hosted deployment model
  • Will need to add business rules, workflows, new screens and fields frequently on demand in a sustainable way
  • Want to manage international legal business
  • Have IT teams dedicated to the legal function
  • Have complex claims, governance, risk, and compliance needs that they want to manage through their enterprise legal management (ELM) solution

By consolidating all critical legal functions and integrating with your daily technologies and legal department processes, TeamConnect provides a single source of truth for your legal department.

Our clients faced the same challenges

With each new project, legal departments face increased workloads and shifting priorities. Often, the office of the general counsel must do so with only existing staff. At the same time, your legal department is also trying to manage budgets, reduce outside counsel costs, and gain insight into legal spend and staff workload across business units both domestically and globally. You need an enterprise legal management solution that will fit your legal department today, and grow to fit your needs in the future.

The need for an enterprise legal management solution really boils down to time. Your time is valuable, your staff’s time is valuable, and the time for you to realize a return on your investment is valuable.

TeamConnect has solved similar client problems by:

  • Integrating the full suite of TeamConnect solutions to streamline the way your legal department works, gathers information, collaborates with outside counsel, and analyzes performance
  • Combining legal spend management, e-Billing, vendor management and flexible budgeting to drive down legal department expense and transform the department from a cost center to the best-run function in your organization
  • Strengthening reporting and analytics to support the increased share of in-house work to control costs, provide visibility into department operations, and maximize returns on automation and efficiency improvements
  • Building sustainable solutions that drive down the total cost of ownership so upgrading  your solution will be fully focused on industry best practices and robust training programs—because you should not have to spend time and money to maintain costly customizations

How we help your legal department be the best-run function in your organization

TeamConnect serves as the hub of activity for the legal department, driving efficient collaboration with both internal stakeholders and other firms, providing detailed legal data at your fingertips, and ensuring maximum value to the entire organization. Our clients consistently save their organizations 5-15% annually using a unified approach to streamline legal operations.

TeamConnect’s unified approach to all of your legal functions (including matter management, e-Billing, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), document management, legal hold, automated calendaring, and reporting) enables your legal department to be a profitable business unit.

There is no other enterprise legal management platform for complex legal organizations that can offer a no compromises promise – you can have robust, powerful functionality and flexibility while still having a system that is easy to implement, maintain, and upgrade. Our Upgrades Included Program offers something no other vendor is providing. Upgrading is an expensive, painful, and time-consuming process, but TeamConnect offers deep, powerful, and sophisticated functionality that can be efficiently and sustainably implemented, administered, and upgraded. While clients can still customize and extend TeamConnect to their own unique business needs, TeamConnect’s highly configurable architecture, new upgrade tools, and robust API layer ensure an ease of ownership for large legal departments that is unparalleled.

Ultimately, TeamConnect enables you to be the best-run function in your organization by:

  • Reducing legal spend by providing you complete vendor management and historical reporting, empowering you to optimize selection and budget processes and increasing legal spend savings over time—read how Aon builds competitiveness between their core firms to reduce their outside legal spend
  • Increasing staff efficiency with fully integrated solutions and business process automation across all legal department operations—which reduces the amount of time the staff spends on repeatable tasks such as opening new matters and budgets, generating legal documents, creating and sharing reports, managing court deadlines, researching historical records, and managing legal projects
  • Mitigating organizational risk as TeamConnect provides the structure to ensure compliance to your department’s specific best practices—read how TeamConnect allowed The Williams Companies, Inc. to maintain compliance in an ever-changing regulatory industry
  • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook and Office, TeamConnect ensures high user adoption, smooth workflows, and an avoidance of duplication of effort – when your entire legal team adopts a system, a single source of truth is created for the legal department; once established, the legal department is able to use this source to proactively make data driven decisions that protect the organization from risk

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Matter Management
TeamConnect’s cohesive matter management solution serves as the hub of activity for the legal department, driving efficient collaboration with both internal stakeholders and other firms, providing detailed legal data at your fingertips, and ensuring maximum value to the entire organization by:

  • Managing your complete business processes and ensuring a consistent and accurate central record
    • Assign matters automatically to users and groups; generate tasks, notifications, and reminders according to self-configured workflows and rules
    • Provide insight into matter status, budget, tasks and appointments, documentation, involved parties, related matters, research, and reports for a complete, central hub for all attorney needs throughout the matter lifecycle
  • Allowing you to see each matter in a way that makes sense and maximizes efficiency with complete control and security—using pre-configured screens or design custom screens, views, and fields, without interrupting productivity or paying for custom coding—and administer the richest set of security and permission settings available
  • Supporting smooth, efficient integration with virtually any solution offering a web services layer via broad interoperability and integrations that allow information to transfer into TeamConnect from claims management, compliance, registered agents, and other business systems

Spend Management & e-Billing
TeamConnect‘s legal e-Billing solution has outpaced the competition for a decade by:

  • Optimizing spend using: tender requests—which are a way to invite outside counsel—via formal, structured invitation, to provide a competitive offer for legal services based on your pre-selected criteria; alternative fee arrangements to reduce outside counsel spend while making firms more efficient; and firm selection utilizing assessment over time to allow staff attorneys to select firms that represent the best value based on past results and costs
  • Reducing over-payments and saving time with automatic invoice checking and adjusting against approved rates, automatic notification to staff of billing discrepancies and approval requests, and two-way integration with all leading accounts payable systems with automatic firm notification and recording of payment status
  • Providing access to Collaborati, TeamConnect’s legal e-Billing portal, to enable law firms to self-supply timekeeper profile and rate information; automatic translation of any manual and LEDES format invoice into a single, complete invoice form; easy handling of multiple currencies, including line-item taxes for VAT compliance; and Mitratech’s dedicated law firm support team

Microsoft Outlook & Office
TeamConnect Office Suite makes it easier than ever to manage your legal matters from where you live by:

  • Syncing TeamConnect and Outlook calendars, capturing additional email metadata, accessing matter documents from Outlook, assigning emails and documents to matter, and assigning, creating, and syncing appointments/tasks for matters automatically
  • Maintaining version control with flexible management and collaboration of documents with check-in and -out capabilities
  • Allowing users to view, create, and edit TeamConnect documents directly from PowerPoint, Word, or Excel

Legal Hold
TeamConnect’s legal hold solution helps legal staff create, maintain, and enforce a legal hold process that can withstand judicial scrutiny by:

  • Identifying matters requiring legal hold early in the matter lifecycle, reducing risk to the organization
  • Pulling documentation needed for court appearances quickly and providing full visibility throughout the legal hold lifecycle
  • Storing matter management and legal hold information in one central location for greater control of the discovery process

Reporting & Analytics
TeamConnect‘s reporting and analytics tools help your legal department access reliable, powerful, and real-time data for comprehensive reporting and event reconstruction by:

  • Incorporating reports into configurable home pages and delivering the data needed by a group, role, or user – both canned and ad hoc reports are available across legal operations managed by the legal management system
  • Supporting strategic decision based on experience with visibility across operations – usable, accessible data helps firms optimize the mix of outside counsel, streamline processes, and improve outcomes
  • Defining criteria and search results across records, documents, and fields by a user, then saving and sharing searches to boost collaboration—only TeamConnect offers the ability to quickly update multiple records in line from search results without going into individual records, making portfolio management easier than ever
  • Supporting records confidentiality with security and permission settings persistent throughout reporting and search