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The TeamConnect Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform consistently meets the complex operational needs of large, global legal departments. Whether your staff is managing litigation, contracts, intellectual property, product claims, compliance matters, or legal team projects, TeamConnect offers a market-proven, unified approach to managing all legal operations. With a completely redesigned interface and optimized user experience, TeamConnect is a solution your legal team will want to use.


TeamConnect was the back-to-back champion of LegalTech News’ Most Innovative Award for Best Matter Management platform in the world in 2015 and 2016.

Organizations that select TeamConnect as their legal management solution typically have large legal teams with complex needs. These organizations often require integration of multiple internal systems across the enterprise, both domestically and globally. By consolidating all critical legal functions and integrating with daily technologies and legal department processes, TeamConnect provides a single source of truth for the legal department.

How TeamConnect solved similar challenges for our clients

With each new project, legal departments face increased workloads and shifting priorities. Often, the Office of the General Counsel must do so with only existing staff. At the same time, the legal department is also trying to manage budgets, reduce outside counsel costs, and gain insight into legal spend and staff workload across business units both domestically and globally.

TeamConnect serves as the hub of activity for the legal department, driving efficient collaboration with both internal stakeholders and outside firms, providing detailed legal data, and ensuring maximum value to the entire organization. Our clients consistently save their organizations 5-15% annually using a unified approach to streamline legal operations.

There is no other ELM platform for complex legal organizations that can offer a no compromises promise – legal departments can have robust, powerful functionality and flexibility while still having a system that is easy to implement, maintain, and upgrade. Our Upgrades Included Program offers something no other vendor is providing. Upgrading is an expensive, painful, and time-consuming process, but TeamConnect offers deep, powerful, and sophisticated functionality that can be efficiently and sustainably implemented, administered, and upgraded. While clients can still customize and extend TeamConnect to their own unique business needs, TeamConnect’s highly configurable architecture, new upgrade tools, and robust API layer ensure an ease of ownership for large legal departments that is unparalleled.

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Ultimately, TeamConnect enables you to be the best-run function in your organization by:

  • Reducing legal spend by providing complete vendor management and historical reporting, empowering the legal team to optimize selection and increasing legal spend savings over time. Read more about how Chevron uses law firm evaluations to manage the selection of outside counsel to reduce legal spend while improving outcomes.
  • Increasing staff efficiency with fully integrated solutions and business process automation across all legal department operations—which reduces the amount of time the staff spends on repeatable tasks such as opening new matters and budgets, generating legal documents, creating and sharing reports, managing court deadlines, researching historical records, and managing legal projects.
  • Mitigating organizational risk as TeamConnect provides the structure to ensure compliance to the legal department’s specific best practices. Read more about how The Williams Companies, Inc. uses TeamConnect to maintain compliance in an ever-changing regulatory industry.
  • We also knew we would need the ability to customize and expand the system going forward. Energy is a complicated, heavily regulated business and the regulatory environment is always changing.

  • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook and Office, TeamConnect ensures high user adoption, smooth workflows, and an avoidance of duplication of effort – when the entire legal team adopts a system, a single source of truth is created for the legal department; once established, the legal department is able to use this source to proactively make data-driven decisions that protect the organization from risk.