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TeamConnect Legal Management Platform

Nearly 40% of the Fortune 500 relies on our TeamConnect legal management platform to reduce their legal spend and save time when creating, accessing and tracking legal matters. Our proven solution combines matter management and eBilling functionality to help legal teams increase their returns on investment, proactively manage their technology roadmaps and improve relationships with outside counsel based on greater invoice oversight and communication.


A Proven, Flexible Solution 

Clients that select TeamConnect to handle their legal management typically have large legal teams with complex needs. These organizations need a solution that integrates multiple internal systems across an enterprise, both domestically and globally, and connects them to outside counsel. With 30 years’ success behind us and an innovative roadmap ahead, Mitratech’s legal management solution has the largest number of successful global implementations out of any of our competitors. By consolidating critical legal functions and integrating with daily technologies and legal processes, TeamConnect provides a single source of truth for the legal department. 

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Many systems will never become more than they were on the day you bought them. Yet our solution can grow however your company grows. Our platform is so flexible and easy to integrate with other products, it can meet your needs now and adapt to your company’s needs over time. TeamConnect integrates with your current line of business systems, including your document management system of choice, and enables complex customizations that meet even your most specific business needs. 

With TeamConnect, we don’t just help you hit your returns on investment. Our solution helps you prove the true business value of your legal department to your entire organization.

The Value of TeamConnect

Increase Returns on Investment

Improve both your bottom line and your productivity with TeamConnect. On average, our clients save anywhere from 5-15% annually with our integrated matter management and eBilling solution.

Our platform can create a 0.5% reduction in outside counsel spend, which for an external legal spend of $400 million could mean $10 million in savings over a five year period. It can also reduce the time it takes to open a new matter from 60 minutes to 15 minutes. With an annual volume of 60,000 matters, this adds up to about $1.3 million in annual productivity improvement. For more on the ROI of TeamConnect, download the report

Provide a Proven Approach

With 30 years of experience behind us and a dedication to continuous improvement ahead, our TeamConnect platform remains the market leader in legal management and eBilling solutions. To date, we have the most successful global implementations of any of our competitors. In addition, TeamConnect has been recognized by Hyperion Research as an advanced solution and by an HBR Consulting survey as the most widely used matter management system today.

Extend Room for Growth 

Our enterprise clients achieve amazing feats through the extensibility of our TeamConnect platform. One client transformed their entire enterprise, as well as their legal and compliance functions, by plugging nearly all their core business functions into the TeamConnect platform. The result helped unite their global presence, streamline their business processes and create a single source of truth for their entire operation. This ability to highly customize our solution on your own terms helps take your enterprise to the next level. With TeamConnect, you never have to worry about outgrowing your current system.

TeamConnect Testimonials

“Even with just a few changes, we noticed dramatic improvements in our data quality and standardization of processes. The eBilling implementation alone saved us an average of about 6.7% on legal invoices, which was how we funded the project. In some areas, those cost savings were even higher.”
– Brian McGovern, former AIG implementation expert  

“A sample company that is moving off a legacy system and invests $1.4 million in TeamConnect matter management can expect over $6.7 million in annual efficiency gains and cost savings.”
– Hobson & Company

“TeamConnect is known for high degrees of customizability, flexibility and reliability, allowing users to scale the system to handle large volumes and variances of matter and spend data.”
– 2017 Hyperion MarketView Report

“While clients can customize and extend TeamConnect to their own unique business needs, TeamConnect’s configurable architecture, including rules, workflow and notification engines, screen design tools and a robust API layer, support ease of ownership.”
– 2017 Hyperion MarketView Report