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Your corporate secretary manages the organization’s complex legal structure and lifecycle of each of your entities. Secretariat helps your corporate secretary even more effectively manage legal and ownership structures according to your corporate governance best practices.


Organizations that select Secretariat as their entity management solution typically need to:

  • Track key entity information proactively for easy retrieval
  • Monitor critical events related to your entities and receive reminders for important dates, such as shareholder meetings
  • Ensure that your corporate records are filed, protected, indexed, current, and compliant

Our clients faced the same challenges

A high priority for your corporate secretary is increasing the efficiency of your corporate governance compliance tasks in today’s resource-constrained enterprise. Secretariat allows you to take control of your entity information and automate many corporate governance tasks to ensure data integrity and meet evolving regulatory requirements with greater ease and confidence.

How we help your corporate secretary be the best-run function in your organization

Secretariat improves productivity by reducing repeatable, manual work so staff can focus on higher value activities. With secure information sharing and instant access to entity data, you can easily distribute the workload to regional offices while maintaining central control, giving you instant updates to changes in entity information such as officers and structure. Designed with direct input from corporate secretaries, Secretariat simplifies every aspect of managing the legal structure and life of your entire corporate entity according to corporate governance best practices. Web-based and easy to use, it simplifies your entire governance workflow.

Secretariat enables your corporate secretary to be the best-run function in your organization in two primary ways:

Increase Operational Efficiencies

  • Saving staff time processing entity structure maintenance
  • Reducing wait times for response to entity structure inquiries
  • Creating a single source of information on an entity’s various officers and historic documentation
  • Documenting and tracking responses to shareholder inquiries
  • Retrieving records quickly and easily from one centralized location using sophisticated searches

Risk Mitigation

  • Filing legal and compliance reports in a cost-effective and timely manner
  • Monitoring critical events related to your entities and receive reminders for important dates
  • Receiving assurance that document signees are authorized

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

We can help you fulfill the demands of your corporate secretary with a powerful, yet easy to implement and adopt, software solution by:

  • Managing all information related to corporate entities and organizational structure
  • Accessing historical information throughout the life of the entity
  • Creating an editable library of standard resolutions and entity subsidiary hierarchy charts
  • Streamlining and automating processes, including merging entities, drafting concepts, preparing annual meeting documents, and more
  • Creating simple-to-complex hierarchical graphs automatically in Microsoft Visio to leverage Visio’s graphics tools and ease of use
  • Maintaining all entity information in a centralized database, with full search capabilities
  • Allowing the administrator to require that certain users’ changes be approved before they are accepted into Secretariat