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Risk Management

Risk can arise from a wide range of areas including regulatory, market, employee conduct, financial, customer privacy and security, as well as accidents and natural/manmade disasters. The strategy and process used to identify, measure and manage risks are key to protecting stakeholders, assets, and reputation. A major contributing factor of recent disasters, including the Deepwater Horizon spill and Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, has been a failure to identify risks or a failure to act quickly when risks were identified. Proactive risk management allows organizations to identify, manage, and mitigate risks across the enterprise while taking advantage of opportunities identified during the process to continually improve results.

Whether an organization is ready to implement an integrated enterprise solution across all sites, divisions and countries of operation, or a company's core team of risk managers need an easy to deploy solution for identifying, assessing and monitoring risk, Mitratech provides the proven risk management solutions that allow our clients to reduce the impact of adverse events.

Risk Management

How risk management solved similar challenges for our clients

Organizations are consolidating their view of risk management and moving away from individual risk owners who previously operated in silos with varying accountabilities and needs. Risk managers know that collaboration and transparency with groups around the company is a critical component to avoiding risks and mitigating the effects of those which are unavoidable. Having the technology solution in place to identify, assess, share views, and monitor risk allows risk management teams to put the controls in place to mitigate against them.

Our solutions allow organizations to identify, score, rank and then mitigate both existing and potential hazards and risks throughout an enterprise. The risk management solutions include powerful tools for risk analysis and monitoring risk including heat maps and risk dashboards. It provides rapid insight into changing business conditions, increases collaboration among business units, and functions and brings transparency across the enterprise. Integration with our incident management solutions enables users to record incidents, events or breaches as they occur, set remedial actions to prevent recurrence, monitor completion of actions, and continually inform a risk assessment.

Mitratech’s risk management solutions allows organizations to:

  • Promote an enterprise level approach to managing risk, allowing risk managers to create consistency in process and focus on providing leadership teams the quantitative, analysis, guidance and recommendations on where resources and efforts should be concentrated
  • Minimize losses by monitoring powerful real time reports that provide transparency and assurance that appropriate mitigation plans and controls are in place to reduce the probability or severity, reducing the risk ratings to acceptable level
  • Unlock opportunities over time by implementing the controls that not only prevent incidents from occurring, but actually improve the quality of products and services that the company provide