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Policy Management in the Context of GDPR

Whether it’s GDPR or other evolving regulations, organizations around the world must have the ability to demonstrate to regulators, internal auditors, and board members that statutory compliance & internal operating procedure best practices have been accurately deployed, communicated and implemented.

“Organizations that attempt to manage this in documents, spreadsheets, and emails will find that this approach will lead to inevitable failure.”  – GRC 20/20

GRC 20/20 has researched, evaluated, and monitored Mitratech’s PolicyHub as a solution in the GRC market over a number of years. This solution guide highlights how PolicyHub addresses policy management in context of GDPR compliance and how well it meets the requirements of organizations globally.

This solution guide will cover:

  • Requirements of a policy management solution in the age of GDPR
  • How PolicyHub helps address these requirements and how it’s used to mitigate risk
  • An honest look at how PolicyHub measures up in the landscape of policy management solutions

Download the full solution guide on Addressing Policy Management in Context of GDPR

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