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what is matter management?

What is Matter Management? And Why it Matters to Legal Ops

What made matter management so important, so broadly, so quickly? Faced with the challenge of managing thousands of new legal matters every year, from both internal and external sources, corporate legal teams recognized that managing this process manually isn’t an option anymore. Not only do they need automation and control throughout a matter’s lifecycle, legal […]


Welcome to the Family, InfiniGlobe!

InfiniGlobe, a leader in professional legal technology consulting, recently announced that they would join the Mitratech family as a Certified Partner. “Our goal is to help legal departments select, enhance, and maintain their technology tools,” said Mori Kabiri, CEO of InfiniGlobe. “In assessing client needs, it’s important to us to listen carefully and pay attention […]

InfiniGlobe Named Mitratech Certified Partner

by Nicole Witt in Press Releases. Posted June 26, 2018 NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (June 26, 2018)–InfiniGlobe, a leader in professional legal technology consulting, today announced that it has been named a Mitratech Certified Partner. This is an important partnership that further strengthens and expands InfiniGlobe’s expert matter management services. InfiniGlobe has recognized Mitratech’s TeamConnect Legal Management platform as the leading […]

Cut eDiscovery costs in matter management

Webinar On Demand: Control eDiscovery Costs Inside Matter Management

Watch Mitratech and HBR Consulting discuss how TeamConnect, Mitratech’s market-leading enterprise legal management platform, enables eDiscovery management to give legal departments a holistic view of outside spend and performance on discovery-related activities. Highlights include how to: Quantify eDiscovery cost, volume and spend metrics to identify opportunities for cost reduction Manage vendor performance to mitigate risk […]

Interact 2017: Our Partners are Leaders

For the third blog in our Interact series Bree Goodall looks at how the strategic alliances we have formed with our partners plays a critical role to the success of our company. Here at Mitratech, we are committed to ensuring everything we do is for the benefit of our customers. This is why we’re especially […]

Welcome to the New World of TeamConnect: Accessibility for Everyone (A blog series 2 of 5)

TeamConnect maintains 508 compliance in part for our government clients, but the benefits extend far beyond that. 508 compliance meets TeamConnect users’ high standards of accessibility, making their working lives better and more productive. These standards, incorporated throughout the solution, ensure all team members have equal access to technology, thus establishing TeamConnect as the single […]

A Chief Legal Officer’s Guide to an Equal Seat at the Boardroom Table

Why Enterprise Legal Management Matters to You Our clients are usually excited about the fundamental benefits of an end-to-end Enterprise Legal Matter Management solution even before they decide to implement one of our solutions. As with many software applications, the goal is usually to reduce spend and improve productivity across the department. This is definitely […]

Demo Discovery: Tailoring Our Solution to Your Business

Why is my prospective software vendor asking for so many conversations before demoing? On the Importance of Demo Discovery in the Software Buying Process As a Senior Sales Consultant at Mitratech, I have the privilege of working with our clients and prospects to create solutions for business needs within our product suite. If that sounds […]