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Legal Operations Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Legal Research, and the Human Spark

There’s been a certain amount of reflexive dread in the legal industry about the impact of artificial intelligence as a component in the onset of legal technology. Some of it might be warranted, if an observer only focused on the low-level tasks and interactions that A.I. might take over from human beings.   But there’s […]

10 Ways to Manage Increasing Legal Ops Workload

The expanded legal ecosystem and growing corporate demands for legal services are raising pressures on in-house legal departments. How are top legal teams managing these increased demands, while still delivering quality legal services, lowering costs and improving efficiency? Download our free ebook to find out the top 10 strategies global legal teams are using to […]

Exploring the frontier of legal operations

Exploring the Frontier: Pioneering Legal Ops at Ingersoll-Rand

What’s a pioneer? Just like when Lewis and Clark explored the vast wilderness of the western U.S., pioneers are the explorers. They’re the innovators, the experimenters, the founders of next big ideas, the transformation leaders in legal operations. You need these visionaries exploring new products, new services, new markets, new tech, and transforming legal operations […]

Don't miss this year's premiere legal operations conference

Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Interact 2018

Interact is the leading industry user conference for legal operations and compliance professionals. This year’s event, which will take place in Austin, Texas (the live music capital of the world and a burgeoning tech hub) will feature peer-led sessions, hands on training opportunities and social events you simply won’t want to miss. It will also lay […]

The Rush for Legal Technology

The Rush for Legal Technology

It’s no secret that the name of the game for legal technology is changing rapidly. According to a recent Law360 article, legal technology in 2017 saw $233 million in investments in businesses across 61 deals, edging ahead of the previous years’ legal tech spend. “Businesses are more willing to invest in technology because legal professionals […]

See how Business Intelligence enables data driven decision making

Business Intelligence: Insights at the Point of Action

“Data-driven decision making” is easier said than done. It takes a combination of strategic planning and robust technology to transform the vast amounts of raw data at our disposal into information, and transform that information into actionable insights. What Prevents Effective Data-Driven Decision Making in Legal Departments? In the tradition-bound, relationship-based legal profession, metrics typically […]

The Next Frontier of Legal Operations

Webinar: The Next Frontier of Legal Operations – Planning and Building Your Ecosystem

View our first installment in a series of webinars examining the “next frontier” of Legal Operations. Discover how new technologies are opening up new opportunities and efficiencies for legal departments and the companies they serve, and how you can benefit. Brian McGovern, Mitratech Executive Director and former Legal Chief Data Officer at AIG, and Kevin Clem, […]

Legal Ops Forest

In Praise of a Pioneer: NetApp Leads Legal Ops Transformation

Exploring any new frontier takes a pathfinder. Even if it’s the frontier of Legal Operations transformation. Want to check out a profile of exactly this kind of pioneer? There’s one on display in a new blog post by the folks over at ThinkSmart, as they dig into some recent media coverage of NetApp. NetApp’s Legal […]