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The Mitratech Resource Hub is real-world education for companies who want to break down the barriers between legal, compliance, and operational risk. Looking for expert insight into managing risk and its associated costs? Check out our library of whitepapers, blog posts, webinars, and other useful resources.

Get Advanced Access to Mitratech’s Upcoming Whitepaper on Legal’s Role in Enterprise Compliance

As recent headlines show, compliance is of growing importance to corporations. Simultaneously, compliance is also increasingly under the legal department’s umbrella of responsibility. Corporate Counsel recently posted about this in Sea Change in GC Role Requires New Competencies, while InsideCounsel discussed a similar topic in Understanding the challenges of consolidating the general counsel and corporate […]

Can “Big” Data Lead to Big Savings?

I’ve spoken with a number of folks recently on the topic of using data and analytics strategies within the corporate legal department. Many people have expressed a huge interest in better leveraging the treasure trove of data they’ve built up over the years, but it sounds like many are still trying to figure out exactly […]

Governance Issues facing General Counsel

A recent article in Corporate Counsel raises some interesting points about the nature of governance risks and specific ways that corporate legal organizations can protect themselves against these risks. In my view, the most interesting observation from this article is that the biggest risk factor for general counsels in this area isn’t what they do […]

Join Us for a Webinar-How Legal Can Drive Competitive Advantage

Our mission here at Mitratech is to make the legal department the best-run function in the company. This means providing tools that allow lawyers to gain insight into their spend and matters, notice patterns and rectify discrepancies, and become predictive instead of reactive. Even as legal departments fine-tune their processes, they have the opportunity to […]

The Latest Innovation in Enterprise Legal Management

Mitratech announced the release of TeamConnect 4.0 on Monday, and are looking forward to discussing the new features and benefits. Within the first 30 minutes of the official release notice, 14 attendees from 13 client businesses registered for one of two client overview sessions. Today, we have over 48 attendees from more than 32 TeamConnect […]

New Release of TeamConnect Means You Can Stop Compromising

Selecting an enterprise legal management system has not always been a simple decision. As the central hub of the legal department’s operations, it is critical that the solution you choose be the right one – one that enables the legal department to be one of the best-run functions in your organization. This is why we […]

A Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements

Alternative fee arrangements, or “AFAs”, are quickly becoming the new norm in law firm billing. Their increased popularity is the subject of a recent whitepaper, Innovations and Trends in Law Firm Billing, by Mitratech’s Vice President of Lawtrac, Frank Orzo. As legal departments’ relationships with law firms continue to change based on external factors, many […]

Making Legal a Competitive Advantage for the Business

Mitratech today released its latest research findings in the whitepaper, Maximize Your Corporate Edge: Legal as a Driver of Competitive Advantage. Warren Buffett has noted that when it comes to companies in which he wants to invest, he looks  foremost for what he has called “durable competitive advantage.” This means having a fundamentally superior position […]