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Real-world Education for Enterprise Risk Management

The Mitratech Resource Hub is real-world education for companies who want to break down the barriers between legal, compliance, and operational risk. Looking for expert insight into managing risk and its associated costs? Check out our library of whitepapers, blog posts, webinars, and other useful resources.

Client Success at Mitratech

Client Success isn’t just a department, it’s a mindset and responsibility for every role in a company, from engineering to sales to support. Products are developed with the customer in mind, from start to finish. A system can be configured and customized, checking off every item on your wish list. But, without a thorough understanding […]

A Culture of Safety

If an injury occurred today in your workplace, who would be the responsible party? The employee for not paying attention, the supervisor for not providing the proper training, or the mechanic for not inspecting the machine correctly? If you answered anything but “everyone,” you’re not wrong, but you’re also not completely right. Safety in any […]

How Do You Ensure Your Software is Secure?

Over the past few years, we have seen hacking and data breaches increase in both severity and frequency. Results of the attacks are far reaching – from stolen personal and company information to election tampering. It goes without saying that none of us want to join the growing list of exploited companies or individuals, but […]

The Dirty Secret Lurking in Your Data

There is a dirty little secret lurking in your matter management application and it is called Dirty Data. Dirty Data is a nasty little beast and it can make your data unreliable and lead to incorrect reporting and a lack of trust in your application. Dirty Data is defined by Wikipedia as “inaccurate, incomplete or […]

Aligning Risk Management with Corporate Strategy

Organizations are recognizing more and more the importance of aligning risk management with their corporate governance, strategies and objectives. Not only do executives need to ask, “What do we need to do to achieve our goals?” but also “What will stop us achieving our goals?” In order for risk management to be effective, an organization’s […]

Is Compliance Keeping Your Legal Team Up At Night?

We all know that the world of compliance is not always the most exciting of topics, but do we really want to be known to send legal executives to sleep? Well, in this case, yes. The environment the General Counsel’s office operates in is changing dramatically. In 2011, Altman Weil’s Chief Legal Officer Survey analyzed […]