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The ROI on Matter Management

Corporate legal departments face the challenge of managing thousands of new matters every year originating from internal and external sources. Only a comprehensive solution that can provide the key features to manage end-to-end operations or integrate with other third-party products will be able to meet the company’s long-term matter management needs. This paper outlines the […]

The ROI on e-Billing

Corporate legal departments process thousands of invoices from law firms every year. A robust e-Billing system is essential for corporate legal departments to make their staff more efficient and to control spending. However, only a comprehensive end-to-end legal solution will be able to meet the legal department’s long-term needs and provide the insight into legal […]

Claims Defense Automation

Pressure on claims departments is mounting as never before to reduce both the expense and loss ratios in order to improve company profitability. This paper outlines some of the causes of poor combined ratio performance as they relate to claims defense and examines ways that claims defense automation technologies can contribute to a solution to […]

Data Loss Prevention: Protection of Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

While protecting client Intellectual Property (IP) and Confidential Information (CI) is a routine task for inside and outside counsel, the electronic nature of such data coupled with easy, almost ubiquitous access to electronic networks has created the need for a systematic approach to IP/CI protection. Organizations should pursue protection of IP and CI as they […]

Incident Response and Privacy Breach Notification

Privacy breach-related compliance obligations are extensive, varied, and growing. Direct and indirect regulation of privacy breaches at the federal level has created a substantial compliance burden for organizations. Learn how you can proactively manage consumer privacy and responsibly address privacy breaches in a way that minimizes potential damage. Learn more by downloading our white paper.

Legal Hold: Confronting Costs and Risks in e-Discovery

Implementing legal holds and the associated work of interviewing data custodians and collecting data is a costly and error-prone aspect of the e-discovery process. Legal holds can be a drag on the productivity of data custodians and the actual costs of inefficient legal holds may be difficult to detect if legal holds are not conducted […]