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Insurance Webinar: Optimizing Claims Litigation for the ELM Market

We understand that Claims Litigation Departments have unique requirements to keep their legal operations running smoothly. We are pleased to have representatives from Nationwide, Huron Legal, andMitratech scheduled to speak about the common obstacles that face litigation staff counsel, and powerful insight into how to optimize the efficiency of your claims litigation department. Access this webinar […]

Embracing Disruption: Six Innovations Moving Legal Departments Up the Value Chain

The most successful legal departments are capitalizing on disruption in the industry to drive meaningful results through six sustainable innovations that create improved efficiency and increased business value: Hiring non-lawyers to manage the business of the legal department Creating efficiencies through robust knowledge management practices Improving legal sourcing through data-driven decision-making Funding Litigation with outside […]

Putting the “Pro” in Legal Process Optimization

Hosts Mike Gadson, Law Office Manager at the American Bar Association, Tim Strong, Managing Director at Duff & Phelps, and Dave Deitering, Product Manager at Mitratech discuss how companies can overcome inefficient workflows, under-adopted and expensive technologies, and higher business risk to become the best-run department in their corporations. Access this webinar by filling out […]

TeamConnect’s Microsoft Office® Integration

Your matter management and e-Billing systems should be driving your team to higher efficiency and results, rather than simply adding administrative tasks.  In order to help our clients achieve significant time savings and productivity increases,we recently enhanced our TeamConnect platform so that the vast majority of work can be completed from the system your team uses the most; Outlook® and […]

The Intersection of Legal and Compliance

In an increasingly complex compliance environment, the role of the corporate legal department and the General Counsel is constantly evolving. As compliance demands expand in both quantity and financial impact, compliance and regulatory issues are at the forefront as a top priority for GCs. In this on-demand webinar, join Michael Rasmussen (GRC 20/20) and Martin […]

The Value Benefit of an Integrated Matter Management and e-Billing Solution

In this on-demand webinar, join Steven O’Donnell (Mitratech),Tim Strong (Duff and Phelps), and Maureen Tripp (Astellas) for a discussion on the value of an integrated system. The panelists highlight business use cases, critical success factors, and their best practice recommendations to ensure the highest ROI possible from integrating matter management and e-Billing. Access this webinar […]

GC: The Global Corp’s Next Agent of Change

GCs are presented with a tremendous opportunity to mitigate risk to the business and decrease overall legal costs by taking on the role of a global change agent to drive consistent, transparent operations for their companies. We would like to invite you to hear first-hand the keys to global legal operations success by leaders at […]