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Five Building Blocks of Effective Policy Management

We wrote the guide on effective policy management. Now get it for free! Our experts put together a complete, informative guide for building an effective policy management program. Download this free guide to explore how you can improve your policy management program. In it, you’ll uncover valuable insights about: A current (ineffective) approach to policy […]

Clean Up Legal Operations With the Data Management Lifecycle

We’ve written the book on enterprise data management. Now get it for free! The former mastermind behind AIG’s global enterprise legal management software implementation, Brian McGovern knows a thing or two about managing data on a huge scale. In this free guide, we lay out his best practices, based on decades of experience, for data […]

10 Must Haves for Enterprise Legal Management

We wrote the definitive guide on what you need to drive success in enterprise legal management. Now get it for free! Our experts put together this detailed explanation of everything you should include – and expect – from an enterprise legal management solution. This free download helps you explore the full potential this type of […]

10 Ways to Manage Increasing Legal Ops Workload

The expanded legal ecosystem and growing corporate demands for legal services are raising pressures on in-house legal departments. How are top legal teams managing these increased demands, while still delivering quality legal services, lowering costs and improving efficiency? Download our free ebook to find out the top 10 strategies global legal teams are using to […]

12 Ways Workflow Automation Delivers ROI for Legal Operations

Legal departments are getting pressured to be more responsive and efficient, while still handling ever-increasing workloads. One technology that’s been proven to meet this challenge? Legal workflow automation. So we’ve outlined a dozen ways it can reward you for adopting it in our comprehensive (and complimentary!) ebook, 12 Ways Workflow Automation Delivers ROI for Legal […]

7 Hallmarks of Effective Compliance

When it comes to compliance, what does effective mean? What do regulators actually look for? And how can your company prove its program is effective? Find the answers you’re seeking in this free guide. Through insights from former DOJ expert Hui Chen, an overview of FSGO guidelines and revelations from other compliance thought leaders, learn […]

Policy Management in the Context of GDPR

Whether it’s the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other evolving regulations, organizations around the world must have the ability to demonstrate to regulators, internal auditors, and board members that they have an effective policy management system in place. Especially with GDPR on the horizon, companies must prove statutory compliance and internal operating procedure best […]