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Fines and Settlements and Disgorgements…Oh My!

Let’s set the stage… If I were to pitch you on a $1 million investment that had a guaranteed return of $20 million, you would be a fool not to take it. Right? It doesn’t take a C-level executive of a Fortune 500 company to take you up on that offer. Unless that $1 million was to […]

Building a Better User Community

Last week I attended our Regional User Group in Houston which I personally felt was a huge success. The session was well attended, with over 25 clients representing 10 corporations, meeting for a day of presentation and collaborative discussion. Some of the folks have been with us for 10+ years, while others are brand new, […]

From Law Firm to Corporate Counsel

It is interesting to consider the changes that an attorney would face by transitioning from a law firm to a member of the corporate legal staff. Today, corporate legal departments act as key members to the decision making process. However, unlike a law firm, the legal function itself is not the business. In the corporate […]

Headed to SuperConference!

I’m headed off to the InsideCounsel SuperConference in Chicago this Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m looking forward to talking to some industry leaders and getting back to my Midwestern roots for a couple of days. And, of course, I’m going to try to sneak in an Italian beef sandwich, some pizza and/or a Chicago style dog […]

Corporate Counsel and Social Media

As a marketer, I take social media as a given. I interact with social media daily for reasons both personal and professional: to keep in touch with friends and family, hear what my favorite band is up to, find reviews of products and services, or to see the latest content from marketing and industry thought […]

Don’t Lose Sight of the Details

I stumbled across this article recently, and it struck me as very unfortunate. With so much to focus on leading up to trial, meeting deadlines can become an afterthought. Busy lawyers and paralegals can easily lose sight of the minutiae and this can be costly, not only financially but also on reputation. The case in […]

Attending Texas Lawyer’s In-House Counsel Summit

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the In-House Counsel Summit presented by Texas Lawyer right here in our hometown of Austin, Texas. Jason Parkman, our CEO, delivered a presentation outlining the key findings in our recently published whitepaper, “Moving Matters In-House: How Technology Enables Legal In-Sourcing”. We received a lot of good feedback […]

The Convergence of the Big Squeeze and Big Data

We’ve heard a lot about big data and business intelligence lately. In fact, Gartner indicated Business Intelligence was the number one priority of CIOs for the second year in a row in their recent IT Spending Update for Q1 2013. However, within corporate legal departments, much of the conversation is still about taking on increased […]

The Expanding Universe of Legal Spend Management

In working with our client base, one aspect that I find most interesting is the complexity and variety of challenges they face as they manage legal costs. It should come as no surprise that these successful companies would have sophisticated solutions in this area, but it is always a learning experience to explore the kinds […]