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Broadening the Traditional Definition of ELM

Mitratech’s recent survey of 168 legal departments indicated that the % of internal budgets that is allocated for legal technologies beyond traditional Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions like Matter Management and Spend Management now comprises 62% of the total legal technology budget. These other solutions include IP Management, E-Discovery, Entity Management, Legal GRC, and Legal Hold […]

NSA Scandal Expands the GC’s Ever-Expanding Role

Add another item to the long list of responsibilities handled by the general counsel and her team: acting as the voice and face of the company to the media. As we’ve discussed elsewhere on the blog, in-house counsel are more and more being recognized as the trusted partner for the business. With the onset of the recent […]

Increase in Mobile Technology In-House

I wanted to share some recent findings from Corporate Counsel’s 2013 In-house Technology Survey recently published on The article discusses the trend of increased usage of mobile devices among corporate attorneys and highlights both the challenges around information security and the opportunities to increase productivity, especially outside the office. Overall, corporate legal departments have […]

Updates and Best Practices Shared During Regional User Groups

We have just completed our most recent series of regional user groups, with groups in Chicago, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Los Angeles and Houston, and over 100 total attendees from around the country. We would like to thank everyone who attended and volunteered to host these groups. These meetings are incredibly […]

Legal Departments and the Rising Use of AFAs

I came across this blog post and infographic from Debbie Stephenson at Firmex, concerning the rising use of Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs). For those not familiar, Firmex runs virtual data rooms for law firms, and I thought that the law firm point of view on AFAs would be of interest to our own corporate clients. The […]

Do You Know How Secure Your Shared Data Is?

A large corporation being the target of a sophisticated cyber-attack seems to be becoming a regular occurrence. The corporate legal community, I think, is well aware of the sensitivity and value of the data they handle on a day to day basis. Fortunately, many within this community are part of some pretty large organizations with […]

The White House and IP Litigation

It appears the White House has become serious about reigning in NPEs (non-practicing entities or “patent trolls”). President Barack Obama has announced seven legislative proposals and five executive actions designed to curb the damaging activities of these entities. Some of our internal estimates have IP litigation increasing 1000% over the last decade in the U.S., […]

SEC Investigations

I realize that the type of work our corporate counsel clients typically deal with is complicated and can have far reaching implications throughout the organization. When the SEC gets involved, I’m sure there is special interest paid from the highest level of the corporation, meaning that it’s all hands on deck for the GC and […]

Technology to Protect Against Outside Counsel Overbilling

There have been a number of articles published recently about the New York Times report of alleged attorney overbilling by DLA Piper to a corporate client. The article I found the most constructive was written by Steven Barentzen for the Law Technology News section of the website. Rather than just concentrating on this one […]