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Mitratech security and compliance team

The Superheroes of Security and Compliance

Meet the Mitratech security team – Marc, Dakota and Logan. These good-looking gentlemen work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our clients, our company, and even people who aren’t even our clients yet, safe and secure. In other words, they’re the reason we can all sleep at night and the people to thank for our […]

Sports Fan's Transformation Towards Effective Compliance

How a Sports Fan Saved His Company With Compliance

In 2015, when FIFA was experiencing scandal from all sides, lifelong sports fan Pedro Castro Nevares was called in to take over the compliance function at Torneos y Competencias, a South American sports marketing firm that faced bribery and conspiracy allegations.   With a hailstorm of indictments raining down on the company prior to Nevares joining, […]

Legal Ops Forest

In Praise of a Pioneer: NetApp Leads Legal Ops Transformation

Exploring any new frontier takes a pathfinder. Even if it’s the frontier of Legal Operations transformation. Want to check out a profile of exactly this kind of pioneer? There’s one on display in a new blog post by the folks over at ThinkSmart, as they dig into some recent media coverage of NetApp. NetApp’s Legal […]

Compliance Officers can be the heroes of their organization

Be the Hero of Your Own Compliance Story

In this age of watchdog news that can break any hour of the day or night and spread across the world in a matter of minutes, consumers demand transparency and accountability from their businesses and brands of choice more than ever. With constant scandals hitting headlines and skepticism and conspiracies running rampant, the ability for […]

Legal Technology Trends from CLOC 2018

The Legal Technology Trends of CLOC 2018

CLOC Institute 2018 obviously will always hold a certain special place in our memory, but there were plenty of other reasons it was a standout gathering. The legal technology trends in evidence this year were high on that list. Some new, some old, and all of them compelling, as Legal Operations continues a rapid evolution […]

legal workflow automation takes away the pain of the mundane

Workflow Automation? It’s a Do-or-Die Decision for Legal Ops

“Pressure from outside organizations means automation isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity for companies that need to compete for talent and protect their enterprise,” Claire Wiggill, VP of Strategy and Business Development at PMG, states in her recent post focused on 4 Reasons to Automate Employee Onboarding. While Wiggill specifically focuses on the […]

Policy Management Best Practice Wheel

Best Practices for Policy Management

Like the many gears that keep machinery running efficiently and working together, an effective policy management program involves many moving parts. Trying to wrangle these parts on your own, without help from a software solution, is no longer an option. Sure, you can try. Sure, you can devote hours of effort manually piecing together everything […]

Expanding Legal Operations to Connect People, Processes

Expanding Legal Operations to Connect People, Processes

  Back in the Old Days… I’m going to rewind the clock a bit and take you back to the 1950’s, before the idea of legal operations even existed. At that time, if you wanted to send a written communication to anyone – another employee, a team, another company, a customer, etc. – the process […]

How Technology Builds an Effective Compliance Program

How Technology Helps Build an Effective Compliance Program

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) pioneered the seven hallmarks to define what an effective compliance program should look like. Regulators from across industries embrace these hallmarks as a foundation and agree they play a pivotal role in defining compliance. Regulators also agree that the backbone of an effective compliance program – the thread […]