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Kicking the Spreadsheet Habit

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used business tools today. This is understandable, considering the versatility of what is essentially a relational database of information with an easy-to-use front end interface. I have used spreadsheets to maintain an address list for holiday cards, catalog my extensive CD collection (remember when people actually BOUGHT […]

It Starts with the Customer: Why e-Billing is Not Enough

Recently, a global banking corporation out of Europe engaged with us when they realised they really needed an e-Billing solution. They recognised the cost savings to be had with a system, and wanted to take advantage. They were also working off of spreadsheets and email, which was tremendously inefficient. They know that in order to […]

10 Things You Need to Know about GDPR

Next year the European Union’s GDPR will become enforceable, and with the threat of staggeringly high fines for those organisations that ignore GDPR rules, large global enterprises are likely to sit up and listen. All organisations conducting business in the EU must demonstrate that adequate measures have been put in place to comply with GDPR […]

Impressions from ACC Legal Ops

Having just returned from the 3rd annual ACC Legal Ops meeting in Chicago, I was struck not only by how this event continues to grow and evolve, but the focus of the event on how legal operational professionals can leverage their roles to align strategy and planning to both the evolving role of the General […]