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Don't miss this year's premiere legal operations conference

Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Interact 2018

Interact is the leading industry user conference for legal operations and compliance professionals. This year’s event, which will take place in Austin, Texas (the live music capital of the world and a burgeoning tech hub) will feature peer-led sessions, hands on training opportunities and social events you simply won’t want to miss. It will also lay […]

The Rush for Legal Technology

The Rush for Legal Technology

It’s no secret that the name of the game for legal technology is changing rapidly. According to a recent Law360 article, legal technology in 2017 saw $233 million in investments in businesses across 61 deals, edging ahead of the previous years’ legal tech spend. “Businesses are more willing to invest in technology because legal professionals […]

workflow automation increase T2V

What’s the T2V of Workflow Automation?

“No matter what type of digital transformation an enterprise aspires to, it ought to have its vision focused squarely on the benefits technology delivers,” Kelli Negro states over on the ThinkSmart blog. “But how quickly it sees ROI and other benefits? That’s just as important in making a platform adoption decision.” Companies love to talk […]

CEO Corner: Beat the Record and Drive Change

Have you ever noticed how our view of what can be done is so often limited by our knowledge of what has been done? Flipping through the channels in my hotel room last night I stopped on American Ninja Warrior All Stars. A bit of a guilty pleasure, but one that sometimes inspires me to get to the gym […]

Corporate Legal Operations Rising

The Rise of Corporate Legal Operations

The Need for Change No facet of the modern enterprise has been left untouched by the roiling forces of change that have reshaped it. Global markets, extended supply chains, changing technology and a growing regulatory environment drive transformation on an unprecedented scale. Without the right equipment in place, corporate legal departments of the past struggled […]

Businesses should take cybersecurity precautions

Cybersecurity Precautions for Businesses

(Guest Post by Maddie Davis, Enlightened Digital) The need for cybersecurity continues to increase as technology advances. Over the past few years, a number of major corporations have fallen victim to hackers due to seemingly minor oversights and a failure to properly manage vulnerabilities. While the threat of cyberattacks is always present, you can take […]


Welcome to the Family, InfiniGlobe!

InfiniGlobe, a leader in professional legal technology consulting, recently announced that they would join the Mitratech family as a Certified Partner. “Our goal is to help legal departments select, enhance, and maintain their technology tools,” said Mori Kabiri, CEO of InfiniGlobe. “In assessing client needs, it’s important to us to listen carefully and pay attention […]

this episode of the legal opsdate focuses on data governance

Let’s Talk Data Governance: An Interview With Brian McGovern

Check out the latest episode of The Legal OpsDate (see below) – a podcast focused on all things legal. Who’s Brian McGovern? He’s the former Legal Chief Data Officer at AIG who led the largest (successful) legal management implementation in the world. While in this role, McGovern faced the monumental task of overhauling how an entire […]