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You’re Experiencing Change. Your Outside Counsel Should Change With You.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the legal industry is going through some major disruptions, and not just within corporate legal departments. Law firms are also going through a transformative time, and the best among them will not only recognize recent transitions in their corporate clients, but will rise to the occasion and innovate alongside them.

This topic is one of much discussion amongst law firms, as detailed in a recent Business of Law Blog post. Recent law conferences have hosted meetings of the minds, where industry experts debated the causes of recent change and—most importantly—how to handle disruption moving forward.

I encourage you to watch the white board video by Christopher T. Anderson embedded in the article. He articulates how firms should handle disruption, and recognizes that disruption comes from customers. Oftentimes these customers are the same as our customers: you, the corporate legal department. You have every right to expect outside counsel to keep abreast of industry shifts and make the necessary changes themselves, just as you should expect the same from us.

Does this article reflect the changes you see in your relationships with outside counsel? Do they seem to treat you as customers whose needs they have to meet?

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