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Why I Wrote Our Most Recent White Paper: 10 Ways to Transform Your Legal Department

One of our most successful white papers to date has been Transforming Legal: Utilizing Technology to Make the Legal Department the Best-Run Function in the Corporation. As a part of the marketing team, I enjoy hearing what content resonates with the industry, and it has been clear that this particular paper struck a chord with our clients and the market at large. A successful white paper takes our industry’s hottest topics and expands upon them so that our readers can learn from other industry leaders, use suggested best practices to give their legal department a competitive advantage, and become thought leaders in their own right.

As I began brainstorming our newest white paper, I thought about how I could improve and build on the prior paper that our audience loved.  While we focused on enterprise-sized legal departments in Transforming Legal, we are now hearing more often from smaller legal departments who are also clamoring for efficiency, insight, and cost savings. The tips and tricks you’ll read in this white paper are applicable for legal departments of any size, whether you have two lawyers or 200. I also wanted to include some newer topics that have recently emerged in our industry such as data analytics, new legal services models, and the evolving role of the legal operations leader.


For a sneak peek, the following are five of the ten points that may benefit your department:

  1. Visualize and Measure What Success Looks like
  2. Hire a Director of Legal Operations Focused on Operational Excellence
  3. Create a Legal Technology Roadmap Through Collaboration with IT
  4. Leverage Data to Optimize Resource Selection
  5. Train Your Legal Staff to Better Understand the Business


Today, the full list, along with commentary and insight from our partners and clients, is published as our newest white paper. I encourage you to read through the Ten Ways to Transform Your Legal Department. While you’re there, check out the rest of our content on the Mitratech Resource Hub!

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