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What Are Your Department’s Goals for 2014?

What are your department’s goals for 2014? Inside Counsel and Blickstein Group, in cooperation with Huron Legal, recently released findings from their 6th Annual Law Department Operations Survey. Two of the main trends to come out of this report— legal cost savings and analytics— are both topics that we have released recent white papers on. For example, we’ve found many legal departments have been reducing costs by moving matters in-house in order to rein in spending and increase visibility. We’ve also found many clients leveraging analytics to drive decision making. I encourage you to read our recent white paper on making legal the best-run function in the company, where we speak to three clients who are re-thinking the way legal operations are handled and using analytics not just to report on the past, but predict the future.

As your fiscal year winds down and 2014 begins, let us know how we can help your department. Whether your goals align well with the Law Department Operations Survey or you’re focusing on something entirely different, we are confident we can help you reach your goals and make your legal department the best-run function in your company.

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