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Welcome to the New World of TeamConnect: A Truly Global Product (A blog series 1 of 5)


Watch or read the news and it’s hard to avoid seeing a new story about turmoil happening around the world on what feels like a daily basis. Whether social, political, or economic, the challenges facing both individuals and organizations can feel like a never-ending cycle of change and uncertainty. With such a rapid pace of change, large organizations can feel especially vulnerable when it comes to responding and adapting quickly enough.

For truly global entities, this pain is amplified if there are not robust methods of communicating internally between offices and employees spread across different countries. The modern multinational cannot afford inefficiencies of dealing with tools and technology that do not conform to its many users’ varied needs.

TeamConnect enables the legal departments of the world’s largest, most complex businesses and financial institutions to operate effectively on a global scale. TeamConnect’s ability to translate the interface will drive faster user adoption and even make possible roll out to offices in countries where English is not a primary language. But it’s not just about using TeamConnect in the right language. There are regional differences in the way things, like dates and numbers, are formatted.

While it may seem relatively minor, the more an interface can conform to what is natural for the user, the more enjoyable–and productive–the experience will be. This is also about reducing risk through avoidance of unnecessary errors. For instance, the difference between seeing dates formatted as month/day/year versus day/month/year can lead to a serious mix up if I am constantly having to mentally transpose the first two numbers because I live in Europe and don’t use the American month/day/year convention. Sure, it’s easy to figure out that someone meant August 30th if I see a date presented as 08/30/2016, but what about August 10th? If I’m working with software that doesn’t regionalize the date for me, I might easily forget and interpret 08/10/2016 as October 8th–oops!

One of the promised goals of modern technology is to make our lives easier and our work more productive. This should apply to any modern enterprise software as much as any consumer app. In a world rendered ever-smaller by communications and commerce across borders, the tools your organization chooses should be a help when working across countries, not a hindrance.

I would love to show you a demo of the new TeamConnect at LegalTech New York 2017. Please stop by our booth (#1995) for a live demonstration of TeamConnect, the back-to-back champion of LegalTech News Most Innovative Award. See you there!

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