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Welcome to the New World of TeamConnect: Personalized to Reflect You (A blog series 4 of 5)


Today, there is an expectation of a level of configurability with everything we use. From choosing the trim color on the dashboard for a new car to what appears on the background of our social media accounts, we have gotten used to the idea that we can implant our identity on everything we use in some way to the point that it has become a standard. I recently went online to purchase a new phone, and I was amazed at the level of customization offered to me, giving me a sense of ownership and identity with my phone. This is a growing trend with consumer products. For example, Apple has increased their color selection on all of their devices. Why should the business products we invest in be any different than our consumer purchases? With TeamConnect 5, we offer our clients the ability to create a sense of ownership to the application by way of custom color profiles.

Creating custom color profiles in TeamConnect is not a new thing, but in TeamConnect 5 we really wanted to expand what a user or client can do autonomously. Previous to TeamConnect 5, we had what we called “themes” that were essentially pre-defined templates that we created to allow users or admins to change their color schemes. Their advantage was their ease of use and implemention, but they were limited as the only choices users had were what we gave them. For TeamConnect 5, we wanted to revamp this entire process to coincide with the new look and feel.

TeamConnect 5’s new custom color profiles refresh the whole process of creating and applying new colors in the interface by using updated technology that helps make it more comprehensive, but also simple to use. Users can now create as many custom colors profiles as they wish; there really is no limit. Each of the new custom color profiles begins with a comprehensive list of options that are pre-populated with our default colors for our new look and feel. Users can then look at each of the available colors that clearly labeled and documented, and update them to any other color they want. Our goal with the new color profiles was that we didn’t want our users to have to be technologically savvy to set up the color profiles, but to give them all-inclusive access to what colors can be customized.

All of this is meant to give our clients the best ability to account for all kinds of scenarios where they will need (or want) different color profiles. These can include, as mentioned in a previous post, the need to accommodate to visually impaired user; for example, creating a high-contrast color profile to account for colorblindness. Brand identity is also a key factor, and for those brand-conscious clients, they can ensure that their brand is preserved in the application through the colors shown in the new look. We have also seen clients create color profiles to showcase their team identity compared to other teams using TeamConnect. There are endless scenarios that the new color profile could help solve.

We would love to show you a demo of the new TeamConnect at LegalTech New York 2017. Please stop by our booth (#1995) for a live demonstration of TeamConnect, the back-to-back champion of LegalTech News Most Innovative Award. See you there!


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