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Welcome to the New World of TeamConnect: Beautiful from the Inside Out (A blog series 5 of 5)


Tomorrow we will release TeamConnect 5, and it’s exciting for us for various reasons. One of the reasons I’m eager for the release is that while TeamConnect has long been known as the most comprehensive solution for enterprise legal management in the market, its earlier iterations were built with less of a focus on visual and behavioral design. TeamConnect 5 took the idea of design culture to heart, and it’s a culture Mitratech looks forward to continuing.

In the infancy of enterprise design, most software companies believed that it didn’t matter what their product looked like, how it behaved, or if the person using it every day actually enjoyed their experience. What mattered was if the person buying the software, who is rarely a user, liked the price and if the product got the job done. Who does that leave out of the equation? The person actually using the software.

We are dedicated to creating software that not only meets the needs of the buyer, but that is purposely designed so the user actually enjoys using the software.

Now allow me to tell you some of the ways we’re doing that very thing. We have read articles, performed market research, and investigated other products . We’ve asked questions, visited clients face-to-face in their offices, had countless phone calls, asked more questions, held client design sessions, provided “sandbox” environments where users could try out the new product before release and give us feedback. We all cared about the everyday user; we built genuine empathy.

All year long, the members of my team participate in something we call ridealongs. This is when one or two of us fly across the country to visit a client for a few hours each day. Besides learning how someone uses TeamConnect, we also learn who that person is, what their life is like, we talk about kids, dogs, food, and anything we might have in common. To understand the user, you must also understand the person.

When we initiate a new project, our research efforts kick into high gear. We begin holding group design sessions we call working groups. Each project will have a different cadence for these sessions, but TeamConnect 5 met with three different working groups of 3-10 people every other week for the entirety of the project creation. That feedback is quite simply, invaluable. To have clients so engaged and so willing to give us their time is amazing by any company’s standards. Much of what users will see in TeamConnect 5 comes directly from the independent ideas of other users involved in the working group. Sometimes they built upon our own ideas, sometimes they had better ideas of their own and we were happy to incorporate those directly into the product.

This collaborative creation of TeamConnect 5 has culminated in a product we are proud to call beautiful. TeamConnect 5 is beautiful because the design is clean and modern; it’s beautiful because it was built to be accessible to all users; but most importantly, it’s beautiful because of the client feedback we had the privilege to incorporate.

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