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Watching the Rise the in Legal Operations

As of this week, I have been a member of the Mitratech team for six months. Before taking this position, I knew little about the legal industry (apparently Matlock reruns are not a very accurate representation), and even less about corporate law. However, the more I interact with clients and understand what running legal operations entails, the more impressed I am by the foresight and intuition these teams have.

So often in our current environment, the best-run legal departments are being managed by a legal operations manager. This title may be different in different companies, but having someone to implement new processes and software, report on the actions of the legal department, and predict the future is becoming less of an aspiration and more of a necessity. As Inside Counsel recently reported in Inside the Rise of Law Department Operations, a combination of closer monitoring by the CFO, better tools and service businesses have made the role of operations director a rising trend amongst corporations.

I am confident that over the next six months of my time here at Mitratech I will continue to see a rise in legal operations managers. Iā€™m eager to see what changes these managers implement over the next few months and share these trends with you all. In fact, you can learn more about the most recent trend we’ve noticed, the increase in well-managed global legal operations, right here!

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