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How We Use PolicyHub at Mitratech

Not too many software companies actually use the software they develop, but I’m very glad to say that we’ve recently implemented our own policy management software solution, PolicyHub, here at Mitratech.

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced rapid organizational growth – nearly doubling our employee count. As with any growth in headcount, it became increasingly difficult to manually monitor the review and compliance of our company policies, such as our employee handbook and our data and security policies (to name a few). It became clear that PolicyHub was a perfect solution for Mitratech.

For those that might be unfamiliar, PolicyHub is a policy management software solution that allows organizations to develop, communicate, train, and audit policies and procedures. The goal of this product, as with any policy management system, is to ensure compliance by proving that all employees have:

  • received the latest version of the policy
  • read the policy
  • understood the policy, and
  • declared compliance of the policy.

Additionally, management should have a full audit trail throughout the lifecycle of the policy. This will ensure that each revision is properly tracked and documented, and that everyone has signed off on the most current policy. This was especially relevant to us as we’ve become a global company – our Employee Handbook and other policies that used to be applicable to our US-only staff had to be revised or split out to incorporate the varying requirements of the additional countries we now operate in. With PolicyHub we can now target relevant policies and procedures based on geography, function, role, etc.

This implementation of PolicyHub will now allow us to:

  • Set up custom levels of review and approval, ensuring all steps are followed prior to the release of a Mitratech policy or procedure
  • Maintain version control by tracking any changes made to a policy, and who made those changes
  • Easily distribute policies and process documents to only those employees they pertain to
  • Send automatic updates to employees any time a policy that applies to them is updated
  • Easily report on who has reviewed and acknowledged a policy and who is not in compliance
  • Keep Mitratech in compliance with security audits and regulations (such as ISO and SOC accreditations as well as GDPR requirements)

While it can sometimes be a pain implementing a new system of record within an organization, the PolicyHub roll-out was virtually seamless. The entire process, from the initial requirements-gathering phase to our go-live date, took less than two months, only involved a hand full of people, and provided zero disruption to our normal operations. We’re excited and eager to hit the ground running with this helpful tool, and would love to opportunity to discuss what it might do for you, too! To learn more about PolicyHub, you can download the brochure here.

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