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Transforming Legal Operations – Liberty Mutual’s Story

I came across a great article from Legaltech News titled “Inside Liberty Mutual’s Legal Tech Transformation” that I think encapsulates what many organizations are trending towards in terms of how technology can help enable strategic change within legal and risk. Liberty Mutual seems to be on the bleeding edge of the trends.

From the article, “Liberty Mutual offers one of the best examples of the opportunities and challenges faced by legal departments evolving into the 21st century, the tech-savvy teams of the future…to secure financial and operational support for its transformation from its executives and leaders” and enables them “to provide the right information at the right time for people that are making decisions.”

As a product manager at Mitratech, the leading provider of legal technology solutions, it’s examples like these that show how technology can enable what traditionally has been an area thought of as a cost center to a more strategic role in driving the business goals. Why is this happening? You can look at the headlines in legal publications nearly every day and see something about a convergence of legal, compliance and risk across organizations.

The roles and responsibilities of legal teams have changed so significantly that we need to think a little bit differently about what even getting the job done means – and Liberty Mutual has done much more than that. I’m looking forward to reading about more organizations, like Liberty Mutual, who are leading the way in shaping legal department strategy.

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