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Transform Legal Operations Into the Belle of the Ball

Does Your Legal Operations Need a Makeover?


Just like every woman at one point or another, sometimes the legal department just doesn’t feel like the prettiest girl in the room. Maybe it’s not as flashy as sales, showing off all their expensive new fashion statements. Nor as popular as the marketing cheerleaders across the hall, shouting about their passion and creativity.

Let’s face it. Sometimes legal operations just doesn’t feel that glamorous.

I hear you. It’s never fun to feel like the overlooked wallflower not getting asked to dance. Especially when you know you have everything it takes to be just as beautiful, funny and smart (if not smarter!) than the other girls who did get asked to the prom.

But that’s how working in legal operations can feel sometimes. Like the overlooked wallflower in an enterprise full of other departments who drive strategy, business and value for the greater organization.

What if I told you I know a quick makeover that could transform your legal department from ugly duckling to belle of the ball practically overnight?

Would you let me your fairy godmother? Would you let me help you transform your legal ops into a team that can have a true Cinderella moment?

Maybe you’re thinking, well, that sounds great, but how on earth (in the absence of a magic wand) can you help me do that?

The answer is simple. I can point you to a type of technology known as workflow automation. This type of tool can make the lives of everyone across your enterprise so much easier, more efficient and cost-effective that they’ll be begging you to sit with them at lunch. Or to dance with them at the ball. By transforming your workflows, you can easily give your entire enterprise a makeover.

So What’s Next?

The truth is, there’s always a better way to do almost anything. A better way to do your hair, to do your makeup, to run your business, and – most especially – to choose your technology so you can streamline business processes and make life easier – and more glamorous.

With workflow automation, you can make the value you drive for your business so enviable, other departments will beg to know your beauty secrets. The great thing is too, most (good) workflow automation solutions will actually let you give your business a face lift. You don’t have to perform total reconstructive surgery on your old legal management system, for instance. Or replace your HR software. Instead, you could just give your legacy systems a few tweaks (maybe a little botox) with a single injection of a fresher technology.

“Pressure from outside organizations means automation isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity for companies that need to compete for talent and protect their enterprise,” Claire Wiggill, VP of Strategy and Business Development at PMG, states in her post.

Prevent Those Legal Ops Worry Lines

Automate the worries of legal operations

Through automating your workflows, you can transform outdated, time-consuming and error-prone manual processes into streamlined, automated and efficient functions that actually connect you to the rest of the business.

When you can automate the mundane and take the work out of workflows, it leaves time for you to feel less worried about getting worry lines on your forehead and more confident about how you can thrive at what your business really hired you to do. Chances are – your boss didn’t hire you just to do paperwork. Or to send emails trying to chase people down about incomplete paperwork.

“Automation makes it easier to outsource tasks, too. Because the data input is so simple and the software works automatically, it makes it easier for me to assign the task of filling in the data to a virtual assistant and requires less supervision on my part,” Andrew Legrand, New Orleans attorney who provides legal services to small businesses states in an interview with Above the Law.

Automating whatever processes you can not only better connects individuals with their companies, it frees up their time so when they do connect with their colleagues, they can actually connect with their colleagues – not just pester them about paperwork.

So stop hiding against the wall, too scared to dance by yourself at prom when your favorite song comes on. Get out there and groove and lead the way and be stunning. Because, with automated workflows driving value for your whole business, you’ll soon be the most popular girl in school.

I mean…you’ll be the most popular department in the enterprise.

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