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The Power of User Conferences and Peer Networking

When I first joined Mitratech in January 2012, I remember being impressed by our client list of industry-leading organizations. However, what impressed me even more more was the fact that our clients showed so much interest in learning from one another. This point was driven home when our CEO approached me on my first day and asked, “Have you started planning Interact [our company’s annual user conference]?” I didn’t even have a company-issued laptop yet!

Interact 2012 took place last October, and we had a great turnout of close to 200 attendees. After the event, we asked our client attendees, “What was the most valuable part of the conference?” Their responses were:

  • Networking, talking to other users of TeamConnect to hear what works and what doesn’t for their companies.”
  • “Best Practices; networking with fellow users of the tool; seeing what’s coming soon.”
  • “Interacting with other customers/users”

As you can see, the resounding theme was networking. Interact 2013 is coming up in less than a month and we’ve made improvements to the content based off last year’s feedback.

  • More sessions on client use cases
  • Best practices discussions
  • Client-led technical training

Be sure to sign up for the conference here if you haven’t already. Register by Friday, September 13 and take advantage of our discounted hotel rate of $219/night at the Four Seasons!

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