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The Countdown to Interact Begins!

Interact 2013, our annual peer-driven users’ conference, is officially less than a week away, and we couldn’t be more excited!  This year’s theme, “Rock On,” shines the spotlight on Mitratech’s clients and our mission to make the corporate legal department the best-run function within the corporation.

This annual event is one of the best opportunities for corporate legal team members to network, learn and share best practices with each other.  Our clients are trend-setters in their relative industries, and the benefits of being part of such a close-knit community of peers are vast.  Leveraging the expertise and feedback of world-class clients who expect the best from their technology also inspires the products that we release every year.

While Interact provides a forum to learn more about TeamConnect and get insight into how to better leverage its full capabilities, it isn’t all work and no play. The conference is held in downtown Austin, Texas, and our clients already come ready to have a good time at our evening entertainment events. Don’t be surprised if we soon post pictures of clients and employees rocking out to Guitar Hero or dressed as a favorite 80s rock star!

If you haven’t registered for Interact but don’t want to miss out on the networking, education and fun, registration is available here.

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