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It Starts with the Customer: Pumping Life into a Healthcare Organization’s Legal Department

Today I’d like to talk about another happy Mitratech client – specifically a healthcare organization that was able to save time and dramatically reduce their legal spend, while mitigating risks through our eCounsel legal management software solution.

Most healthcare organizations are laser-focused on one mission: to dedicate their time, energy, and resources to the health and wellness of every single person that walks into their facility. In the case of this particular Mitratech client, an integrated healthcare leader in quality and community service, their patients have always been their top priority, but the faculty and staff – particularly the legal department – were becoming heavily burdened without a matter management system in place.

We weren’t able to track whether a matter was opened or closed, how much a specific matter costs, or how much the law firms were charging us. We needed the ability to track our work, and more importantly be able to report to our leadership team proof that we’re producing as a department.

To solve these problems, this client sought out a legal management system and selected Mitratech’s eCounsel for their matter management and e-Billing needs. They were able to put all of their legal data into one single source of truth to track and report on the relevant information.

The results: dramatic reduction in time savings, significant reduction in annual legal spend, and the ability to proactively mitigate risk by targeting specific areas of improvement. The siloes have been broken down, collaboration is at an all-time high, and an unexpected benefit occurred in the form of a completely paperless office. Mitratech’s eCounsel has supported the original vision of a highly efficient legal department proving real value for our client.

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