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It Starts with the Customer: Product Investments to Reflect Client Success

Productivity. It’s one of the pillars of almost any software application you use in your every-day work life. Web browsers, Office tools, specialized software applications, even operating systems – they are all designed to help us do more, better. Every now and then, we receive a notification to update the software on this device we use every day. Most often, we don’t think twice about it; we update and wait patiently (or not) as we receive new additions or bug fixes that are specifically designed to make us, the users, happier. This idea of user happiness can only be fulfilled by listening to the users, spotting trends from user data, and working directly with the users to deliver the best end-product possible.

In a similar fashion, as the Senior Product Manager at Mitratech, I make sure that our product investments directly reflect our clients’ happiness and success by incorporating them into our working groups.

Today, we announced the availability of the latest release of one of our leading enterprise legal management (ELM) solutions, eCounsel. This release is the direct result of input from a working group of over 20 eCounsel clients who helped to shape the direction of the features and functionality. I’d like to share some of the quotes from members of this particular user group that made this release truly reflect their vision for the future of their legal department.

  • “The relationship we have built with Mitratech and the eCounsel product team has been invaluable to our success as a legal department. From participating in working groups, to contributing to their long-term roadmap, to the ability to streamline our legal operations with technology by our side, eCounsel has allowed us to lead the charge as innovators in our space.” – Winston Yeung, T-Mobile’s Senior Manager of Legal Operations
  • “Honestly, the first thing I do in the morning is open up eCounsel and start looking at my matters or my invoices. It becomes a new way of doing your work. It’s more efficient, and it opens up doors to make work happen so much easier” – Legal Data Analyst for a healthcare organization holding 5 Million patients across 16 facilities in the Western United States
  • “Another thing I enjoy is hearing from Mitratech, ‘Tell us what you want. Help us make this better, give us feedback.’,” – Amy Stone , Senior Administrator in the Office of Counsel, University of Alabama System
  • “We built eCounsel, not for where we are today, but where we want to be in the future.” – Shelley Wilson, Senior Manager of Legal Operations and Support at the Independent Order of Foresters

Today, the newest version of eCounsel is available and we are incredibly proud that our clients will continue to see benefits from the solution they have chosen to run their legal operations. Please click here to see the details of today’s release, and contact us if you are ready to become a member of the eCounsel product family.

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