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It Starts with the Customer: Planning for Growth, Not Just for the Present

Companies evolve in different ways. Some grow organically over many years, some focus on innovation to drive growth, and some grow through acquisition. A recent Mitratech client has grown in all three ways. This evolution of a global gaming company has changed the immediate and long-term needs and goals of the legal department as well; the client chose eCounsel to fit both.

The combination of the demands on the department following an acquisition with being in a highly regulated industry required the client to refocus on reporting and document management to keep the team operating effectively and remaining compliant globally. To ensure the solution selected truly provided the legal department the best value, the client requested sandboxes from each of the vendors still in consideration.

Through this evaluation, eCounsel continually rose to the top due to meeting all of the client’s complex requirements, while being a solution that is easily configured and maintained. Some of the positive feedback we heard following testing of eCounsel included:

  • The customizable home page
  • Ease of opening a matter
  • How simple it was to get started in eCounsel
  • The ability to make certain fields required when opening a matter
  • The ability to customize based on area/types and regions
  • The matter-by-matter security

When evaluating enterprise legal management solutions, it’s critical to look beyond what your legal department is doing today. Evolution happens, whether it’s slow or abrupt; the solution you select should be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your legal department today and into the future.

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