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It Starts With the Customer: Implementing a Global Policy Management System

One of the biggest challenges for a large organization is finding software that is going to be suitable for all employees in order to ensure user adoption. This was an issue one of our new clients, a global software organization, was facing. They needed something easy to integrate and implement that would scale to accommodate a worldwide employee base.

Our client was struggling with policy distribution, as they have over 60,000 employees worldwide and almost twenty different language requirements. This made adhering to regulatory requirements in all the countries in which they operate tremendously difficult. The organization was finding that their existing system just did not offer the flexibility or functionality that they needed in order to manage their complex matrix of distribution, so they went in search for a solution to assist them.

A main requirement of the client was the ability to utilize a country-by-country distribution methodology. This required very granular levels of access controls and permissions. Delivering key policies to staff, irrespective of language or location, is critical if consistency throughout the enterprise is to be achieved; a key component of our PolicyHub solution. PolicyHub is able to detect the language settings within the recipient’s browser and automatically load the relevant language interface, ensuring that the recipient is fully aware of their responsibilities in relation to the policy they have been sent. This, combined with the intuitive interface, creates a simple and easy user experience for our client’s employees regardless of location. Training every employee with new software at such a large organization can be a mammoth task, but PolicyHub’s easy to use portal helped gain the user adoption they were after from their employees and other stakeholders worldwide.

To find out how we could assist your organization with overcoming the above issues while mitigating the risk of breaches occurring with our effective compliance program, please watch a personalized demo.

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