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It Starts with the Customer: A Growing Business Means Growing Software Needs

While companies often come to us from either no system or a cobbled together group of point solutions, many have been using other enterprise legal management software systems. Often, a company simply outgrows their old system, and has more complex needs than most solutions provide.

This is the case with today’s client story, a vehicle manufacturer. When it came time to replace their previous system, they chose TeamConnect based on:

  • Great client testimonials. We have a wonderful client base of 1200+ organizations who not only maintain relationships with us, but have grown close to each other via our user conference and periodic user groups across the globe. This allowed us to connect the customer with other large auto industry TeamConnect clients who face similar challenges.
  • Functionality that meets their needs. From our Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows users to access their data where they truly work, to our experience with industry-specific challenges such as TREAD Act reporting, to reduced outside counsel spend, the client got to see the high level of value TeamConnect has to offer, and how the system could meet their particular set of requirements.
  • Our ability to prove ourselves. Client advocacy and superior functionality are great, but at the end of the day they are indicative of a larger benefit: we run our business with transparency, ownership, and continuous improvement. This leads to better software, better implementations, and happier clients who see a true return on investment.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey into legal and risk management software, or are finding it is time to transition to one that fits your business’s growing needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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