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It Starts with the Customer: Why e-Billing is Not Enough

Recently, a global banking corporation out of Europe engaged with us when they realised they really needed an e-Billing solution. They recognised the cost savings to be had with a system, and wanted to take advantage. They were also working off of spreadsheets and email, which was tremendously inefficient. They know that in order to work more efficiently as a team and attain the maximum cost savings of the e-Billing they desired, they would need a matter management solution too. What many companies don’t always appreciate is that while the ROI on an e-Billing solution is more obvious, there are also benefits to be gained from an end-to-end enterprise legal management system.

TeamConnect was the best solution for them as it was easy to configure, gave them a single source of truth, and allowed them to be self-sufficient moving forward. In their spend management system, they have the ability to deal with multi-currency and multiple tax obligations. On the vendor side, our e-Billing system, Collaborati, is used in 160 countries around the world, and provides support for local languages, currencies, and tax structures. Mitratech also has a UK data center, allowing them to be compliant with European data protection rules. The customer also called client references similar to them: international financial companies who are fully implemented on TeamConnect.

Today, not only have they been able to save money—their main intention going into the purchase process—but also have visibility into where their budgets are being spent, and increased productivity since all of their information is in one central location where everyone can benefit from it.

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