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It Starts with the Customer: Don’t Just Pick a Software, Pick a Partner

Recently, a top European headquartered global financial services company was looking for a robust, integrated platform backed by a vendor that was a true partner to their legal department. Due to limitations with the multiple pieces of software they were using, including outdated functionality and disjointed products, their main goal was to implement a true platform to power their global legal department.

Upon starting the evaluation, the client specifically wanted to replace their separate matter management and legal hold solutions. They quickly realized that TeamConnect would meet their expectations in terms of functionality and flexibility while also providing a seamless integration of the two requirements. With a fully integrated matter management and legal hold solution, our client benefited from enhanced visibility into matters and the associated records and documents. This visibility is critical to the client when issuing a legal hold; it ensures all applicable documents and files related to the matter and associated legal hold are kept, which can lead to better case outcomes, lower settlement amounts and protection from non-compliance.

What they didn’t expect was the true partnership Mitratech has with our clients. The relationship built with the client’s team long before the evaluation began, coupled with the global Mitratech client community – in this case, specifically the financial sector client community – gave the client the assurance they needed to select Mitratech, along with TeamConnect.

When evaluating technology, it’s just as important to evaluate the vendor. While we’re proud of our software, we’re even more proud of our 1,200 clients around the globe growing, innovating, and learning from each other.

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