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New Release of TeamConnect Means You Can Stop Compromising

Selecting an enterprise legal management system has not always been a simple decision. As the central hub of the legal department’s operations, it is critical that the solution you choose be the right one – one that enables the legal department to be one of the best-run functions in your organization. This is why we are proud to announce the release of the NEW TeamConnect. With TeamConnect 4.0, you no longer need to make the unfortunate choice between 1) a solution that offers quick implementation with weak functionality, low-grade security, and limited flexibility or 2) a robust, highly flexible solution that requires a long and difficult implementation and upgrade process. TeamConnect 4.0 still offers the powerful and sophisticated functionality it has always been known for, but now that functionality is efficient and sustainable to implement, administer, configure, and upgrade.

Key features of the new TeamConnect include:
• A highly configurable design that that puts the power in your hands and reduces the necessity of complex customizations or calls back to your vendor to make simple changes
• A simple-to-use upgrade toolkit that makes the upgrade process efficient and painless
• A robust API layer that ensures that if you decide to customize the product, customizations will be preserved upon upgrades
• The deepest and most powerful matter management, spend management, e-Billing, legal hold, contract management, and GRC functionality available on one enterprise legal management platform

The end result? Optimized Legal Spend. Improved Visibility into Legal Data. Better Legal Outcomes for the Business. Minimized Business Risk. Lower Total Cost of Ownership for Clients.

We would love to share more about TeamConnect 4.0 and how it can make your legal department the best-run function in the organization. Please feel free to request a demo of the new product.

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