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Mitratech’s Client Reward Program – Now Updated!

A company cannot be successful without its clients. Not only do clients keep the business running and thriving, but they help it expand in many ways by being advocates, references, interviewees, etc. These activities, in return, benefit a client. They receive positive exposure within an industry of peers, positioning themselves as thought leaders and visionaries.

Mitratech acknowledges that it takes time and effort for our clients to do such activities. That’s why we have implemented a Client Reward Program, one that awards our clients points for each reference activity that they do. While this program has been in place for a couple of years, we have recently revamped it, including adjustments to both points awarded and redemption options!

In detail, a reference activity includes, but is not limited to, a press release, white paper, speaking engagement, User Group host, reference call, logo use, and more. After completing an activity, the client receives the number of points associated with the activity. Upon reaching 1,500 points, the client can do one of three things:

  • Redeem all 1,500 points for one free Interact registration;
  • Redeem all 1,500 points for $1,500 off training; or
  • Continue to save points for a bigger training discount or multiple free Interact registrations!

To learn more about the new Client Reward Program or how you can get involved, please contact your Account Executive or Holly Chang.

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