Mitratech @ SXSW Interactive 2016 in Austin, Texas Part I: Amber Calderon - Mitratech

Mitratech @ SXSW Interactive 2016 in Austin, Texas Part I: Amber Calderon

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SXSW is an annual festival held in Austin, Texas featuring three major segments: Interactive (technology and innovation), Film, and Music. Mitratech allowed me to attend the Interactive portion of the festival, which has been described as an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.

I was fortunate enough to attend five days’ worth of presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology, great networking events hosted by industry leaders, and special events showcasing new websites, apps, startup ideas, and more.

So, why would Mitratech feel that this would be a beneficial investment? Our company’s mission is to make legal departments the best-run function in their organization. Every effort is made with this objective in mind, and we feel it’s important to stay abreast of tomorrow’s technology in order to be prepared for the potential regulations our clients could face as a result. For example, the commercial use of drones is becoming an increasingly hot topic. I have noticed several large construction and insurance companies invest in drone technology recently to eliminate a potential injury on the job while surveying a site or claim with a mission to become more cost efficient, save their employees from potential harm, and automate processes that were formally manual. Where does the legal department come in on this subject? The FAA is currently deciding what kind of regulations should be put into place for this movement, and these companies will need to know how to handle the potential risk and compliance that comes with using an unmanned aerial vehicle for commercial use. Along with drone technology, I attended several panels on the subject of cybersecurity, protecting intellectual property, the future of virtual employees working through artificial intelligence, and many more with several attendees from corporations looking for answers to imminent questions effecting their organizations.

Being a part of the conversations, and hearing more about emerging technologies allows me to bring these topics of conversations back to Mitratech to fulfill our core purpose. Additionally, as a technology company we understand that we must stay ahead of the curve in the latest developments in this field to continue improving our marketing-leading solutions for legal departments.

Of course, as a Marketing Associate, I also wanted to hear more about innovative marketing techniques in a world inundated with advertising and constant information. I enjoy creating content that resonates with our market, but if my audience is tired of receiving emails, are there better ways to communicate my message to them? There were track sessions dedicated to my personal career path accompanied with one-on-one mentor sessions dedicated to focus my efforts.

If that isn’t enough to take in within five days, there were live artists painting in the streets, new startups showing never-before-seen technology, virtual reality rollercoasters, 3D printers fabricating food and prototypes, and – of course – live music. SXSW Interactive 2016 was certainly a renaissance of technology and creativity… plus Grumpy Cat.

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