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Mitratech Creates a Strategic Framework for EHS Execution

The increase in legislation in the last half century has brought about new compliance and regulatory concerns for businesses. Organizations need to be comfortable and proficient at both managing and monitoring existing regulations that are in place, as well as preparing for upcoming legislations and business changes that will impact the future.

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) departments have to play a balancing act between managing both strategy and tactical, day-to-day activities. There is the danger of being so consumed by the challenges of the day-to-day tactical that the link to boardroom strategy can be forgotten.

Analyst firm Verdantix, in their Green Quadrant 2016 report, performed research that showed, “Eighty-five per cent of respondents to the Verdantix global survey categorized improving EH&S information management in the next 12 months as either a high or moderate priority.” The report highlighted that many companies are still using paper and Excel to manage their EHS processes.

The business needs to take risks and expand in order to stay ahead of the competition. These risks are many, but examples are:

  • Deploying new, unproven technologies, which could give competitive advantage
  • Working in hazardous places, such as new oil fields or deeper mines
  • Entering new geographies or industry sectors
  • Different industries encounter different risks. An example of an industry with challenges that need to be managed very carefully is the energy sector. As mentioned in one of the bullets above, new oil fields could operated or deeper mines dug. These risks have to be taken by the business in order for the company to stay competitive and grow. Of course, the impact on humans and the environment, if things do not pan out as planned, can be high.

    There could be fatalities, due to serious injuries and occupational diseases, when starting to work in these new oil fields or mines. Significant workdays could be lost due to any work-related illnesses and injuries. And of course compensation claims will inevitably come about as a result of fatalities or serious injuries.

    Mitratech has put together a framework for EHS practitioners, to help them better manage the different challenges of keeping on top of the latest strategy, while at the same time executing on existing and upcoming legislation. We call this the S.A.F.E.R. framework and it provides a step-by-step guide to follow. It explains both theory and gives practical templates and suggestions to help you make sure you have a good plan, that you can execute on and update regularly. For those attending the Verdantix Summit, May 15-17, in Houston, Texas, we will have an early copy of the eBook available booth #15.

    Otherwise, you can register your interest in receiving notification when the white paper is available for download and the accompanying webinar is ready to sign up for.

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