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Mitratech Clients put the “Pro” in Legal Process

In my last blog mentioned, I mentioned that I was completing a white paper about the importance of process optimization and legal operations in legal departments of all sizes. With the input of three clients, including British American and the American Bar Association, as well as best practices from Tim Strong of Duff & Phelps and Brad Baldauf and Mansoor Bajowala from the Mitratech professional services team, we were able to complete and publish our latest research earlier this month.

The research highlighted that as legal departments continue to embrace their role as strategic business partners, they require strong and efficient processes that are managed by a dedicated operations group, which is something that departments like sales and finance learned years ago. Having strong legal operations and optimized business process will actually lead to better legal outcomes and lower risk for the business. When we spoke to our clients and partners about the benefits of optimizing legal processes, we most often heard about efficiency savings, improvements in relationships with business partners, and lower business risk. While a recent study by CEB points out that often the process and people are biggest driver of success for legal technology implementations, the tools with which operations teams use are also very important. The tools must be able to flex to your business needs and adapt over time, as you look to continuously improve and refine your processes.

With brief case studies from a large multi-national gaming company, the American Bar Association, and British American Tobacco, the whitepaper shares a bit of the accrued wisdom and best practices that our clients have come to adopt in order to enable them to run their legal group like a best-run department. The stories are each unique and provide a slightly different perspective, which makes sense since a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. I encourage you to read each of them and watch out for our forthcoming expanded case study with BAT to learn even more about their successes. We’d love to hear your story or provide more detail to you about how our clients are approaching these complicated business problems.  You can always contact us here.

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